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popping sensation and pain in right eye
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popping sensation and pain in right eye

hi for the last 2 months now i have been getting like a popping sensation in my right eye as if some1 has put a plunger to it and it hurt really bad everytime it happend its happend about 5 times now, but now my right eye is constintly hurting and when i move it it hurts more but when my eye is closed and i move it that kills as it just feels like there is something in my eye and its watering constanly now but when i close my eye and put pressure on it (it hurts) but it seems to stop it hurting as much after also my vision is quite bluered in my right eye and bright lights seem to hurt also when i have looked in the mirror to see if there is anything in it (which there is not) it looks a bit red and my iris looks like its more lifted up than my left eye. i use to get the pain and the blured vision from when i had the popping sensation but it seemed to go away after a day or two but this time its not gone and im not sure what it is i have been to my dr's and they say it looks fine and go to the optitions but i cant get my eyes tested again for another 2 years as i had them tested in december.. im not sure if its build up of pressure behind my eye or what..
thanks every1
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You need to see a medical doctor ophthalmologist as soon as possible.  This is likely a medical condition and you need more than the once every 2 year glasses check.  The symptoms you describe are not all consistant but could be a form of iritis or uveitis along with eyelid and tear film abnormalities.  If you wear contacts, you should stop and go see an ophthalmologist right away.  Find one at www.aao.org.

thank you.. my right eye seems to have gone back to normal apart from the odd pain and blured vision like before and its not watering any more but i have still made a appointment for thursday
thanks again
will let you know what they say if anything..
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