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possible eye damage from darkness to sudden bright sunlight
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possible eye damage from darkness to sudden bright sunlight


Later this evening around 8 i was laying outside in the late afternoon sun. From our local weather forecast i can see that the UV index at that time was between 0.5 and 1.

I laid back with my arm over my eyes facing towards the sky(maybe towards the sun?) so my eyes were in complete darkness. Next i wanted to go inside the house so i pulled away my arm with my eyes closed because i knew the sun was still shining and didn't want to get hit by it.

But even with my eyes closed, the bright sunlight that was hitting my eyes was overwhelming so i had a extreme feeling of contraction in my eyes/eye muscles/pupils(?). The same contraction feeling you get in your eyes when you get hit on your eyeball by a twig from a tree or something. Like a spasm.

It took a 1-2 seconds to react and cover my eyes with my hands i think, still with my eyes closed.

At this moment my eyes feel sore, tired, dry, a little bit burning feeling.

Should i be worried that i have eye damage?

You do not have any permanent eye damage to the retina from such a brief exposure. I would recomment chilled artificial tear drops like Refresh or Optive for the irritation. I would also recommend a pair of polarized sun glasses to cut the glare and also give you UV protection.
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