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post cataract

  In the middle of july I had s cataract removed and a lens put in my right eye .Mid sept I had the same thing done to my left eye.I now have a lot of glare , will that ever get better. Also my eyes appear to be very tired mostly when I am driving.My doctor told me my eyes are very dry and to use eyedrops 3-4 times a day.This was on nov 13.Will my eyes ever get any better.
                                                          Thank you
Hard to say what is going on without any additional clinical info.  Even in the same patient, the cataract removal can be different in each eye so assuming there were no complications, give it some time since there could still be inflammation or swelling still present one week after the procedure.
Patience has been my friend since my cataract surgeries.  I had a plano (distance lens) implanted in one eye, and a Toric lens for near vision in the non-dominant eye (and to correct the astigmatism in my cornea).  I was amazed at how vivid my vision was immediately post-surgery, but it continued to get better weeks and even months later.
It's been more than a year since my surgeries and yes, the near-vision eye does still get "tired" especially when I am driving or watching television (but not so much when I am using my laptop computer, so I think it is working overtime to see distance).  I use eyedrops often (never needed them before surgery), especially in that near-vision eye.
As for glare, I was still having problems with oblique rays of light when looking at a single source of light at night - a different angle in each eye. My doctor guarantees his work for at least a year, so, having discovered a slight wrinkle in each lens, he did a simple (few minutes in his office) procedure which (expectedly) resulted in small bits of debris that would usually dissolve or otherwise go away.  Those "floating" bits have not gone away and are now causing many oblique rays of light when looking at a single source of light at night.  I can still see much, much better than I could before surgery, but not quite as well as before this procedure. My doctor offered to attempt to break up those bits further with another YAG procedure but I'm here researching whether that might just create even more bits of debris for light to reflect off of at night.  Haven't found any answers yet, but hope this helps you a bit.
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