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"the what if's" - binocular diplopia
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"the what if's" - binocular diplopia

I need to know the "what if's".... Had 2 RD w/buckle back in September, had my cataract removed (due to the gas bubble) last week....all the patients had a follow-up with our same doctor the next day... Everyone could see PERFECTLY but me.    I have "ghosting"  or double vivsion when I used both eyes.   My doctor said "oh it may be due to the buckle, I'll see you in 10 days" and left the room.

We're informed of the risks with surgery, but never the what if's about your vision.   So, I would like to know the WHAT IF's, if this does not go away, what if I can't get an Rx  so that I can use both eyes...    worse case, what would need to be done or do I just not have two eyes that can no longer see together ?

I understand I have to allow time for healing but...if others see right away why can't I?   I just needs some honest answers and where to go from here.

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hi judyk64,
I'm sorry you are having a difficult time. I think more time is needed to allow for healing. That is truly the big what if...what if I let my eye heal more. It sounds like your doctor could have spent more time with you. The other what if's: typically glasses or contacts will be needed to correct for some of those symptoms; what if your eye never works well again....that is always a possibility especially given the previous pathology (RDs and buckles). I hope this helps, but most important is time. It's easy to be depressed this early and hopefully with time you will notice an improvement with your vision. Best luck!
Thank you for your response.   I saw my retina doctor today and a new eye doctor for the diplopia.  (sp?).  Got a temp prism on my glasses...yay!!  I can see distance.    The new doc was very understanding and gave me lots of information.    
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