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under left eye puffy
My daughter has been experiencing puffiness under her left eye.  I have carried her to an eye doctor, and they have no conclusion to the problem, also an ear, nose and throat doctor and they did a sinus x-ray and found no conclusion also.  I have gotten some eye drops from the eye doctor and the swelling has diminished after using them a few times.  However, I do not want to continue this.  I need a solution to the problem.  As far as I know she isn't allergic to anything and has always been in wonderful health and never even been to the doctor except for check ups.  What do you think the problem is?  Do I need to carry her to an allergy doctor?
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I doubt an allergy physician would be helpful. General allergies are almost always bilateral and not one eye. The only type of allergy that occurs in one eye are when something comes in contact with the eye that irritates it (such as a printer that gets ink on his hand and rubs one eye or a gardener that touches a work glove to one eye).

The most common thing that would cause this is an infection in the eyelid such as a stye or chalazion. There is usually some pain upon touching over the infected area and a mass (tender or non-tender) is often felt.

A tear duct problem might cause this but usually the eye runs water and there is pain over the tear sac at the inner eye.

There are some rare conditions in which the tissue of the eye socket (orbit) become inflamed, enlarged or tender.

If the problem fails to resolve then I suggest an Eye MD that specializes in oculo-plastic surgery. In some instances if all else fails and the problem persists then a CT or MRI of the orbit is necessary.

Let us know if you find out for sure what is causing the problem.

JCH III MD Eye Physician and Surgeon
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