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vitrectomy and insurance questions
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vitrectomy and insurance questions

my dad has diabetic retinopathy. he was told to get a vitrectomy performed on both of his eyes. he was told this in mid-July 2007. since he did not have had anybody to take care of him in his home country after the surgery would have been done, he hasn't gotten the surgery done yet.
he is with us in US now. we took him to an eye doctor here and he pretty much said that the surgery needs to be performed and referred us to a diabetic retinopathy specialist whom we have not seen yet.
the visitor insurance that my dad has does not cover pre-existing conditions. my questions are:

1. can my dad get the surgery done after 4 months when he goes back to his home country?
2. is there any insurance for visitor that he can get to cover at least partial of the cost?
3. does the hospital charity account take care of issues like this and if yes, how should i proceed for it?
4. can he get the surgery done at subsidised rates?

i would really appreciate any information taht you can give.

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1.  Waiting 4 months could be a major problem - things could get much worse during that time - but that question can be best answered by your retinal specialist here in the US.
2  I don't know of any insurance you can get for this situation as a visitor.  But I'm not an expert on that.
3. Many hospital will set up a payment plan with you -  you should look into it.  Some doctors will do the same.
4. You need to just present your financial situation to the surgeon's office and the surgery center/hospital.  If the cost of the surgery would indeed place you in financial hardship - they may be able to work out an affordable situation for you.

Just a thought - its a shame the surgery couldn't have been done in home country - sounds like it would have been free?  Perhaps you could pay someone back home to watch over your father - would be much cheaper than surgery here in U.S.  BUT would surgeon and technology back in home country be as good?  Difficult situation isn't it.  Keep me posted - I wish your father all the best.  I hope you can work something out - let me know if you have any more questions.
Michael Kutryb
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