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wrong power implant lens?
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wrong power implant lens?

Please help, I have had three opinions from the Dr's @ Kaiser & they all said it is not the wrong implant lens,
they said my eye is swollen (after 9 mos.!!) from surgery on left eye only) & that is why I see a different size from my left eye,difference is; example a nickel is now a size of a quarter & I do computer accounting all day long, the head aches are now very very bad every day. I know my own eye I cannot believe this is the case, can an eye really stay
swollen for this long of a period? I remember that the Dr. said I am giving you a lens for your nearsightness, dummy
me did'nt even ask any questions, The last Dr. I saw said the same thing after giving me the eye scan test &  he did
not even show it to me. If it is the wrong lens power is it too late to change lenses. I think the Drs. our just protecting the Dr.( is it the Tech. who gives the Dr. the Rx ?) the only thing I want is to see correctly.
Thank you,
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If your glasses are correct the image sizes should be the same for both eyes.  Now if with proper glasses you still have a problem with different image size then first  you must determine which eye has the abnormal size and starting looking very closely at the macula.  Your statement that the eye is   swollen is so vague it could mean many things.  I need to know exactly what you mean.  Is the macula swollen?  That could cause image size disparity. It sounds like you may need a retinal consultation - but I really don't have much good information to go with here.  I suggest you find out what your diagnosis is and consider seeing a retinal specialist ophthalmologist if anything retinal related is mentioned in your diagnostic summary.  Otherwise get an independant (PAY CASH) by an ophthalmologist cataract surgeon outside your health plan.
Just some suggestions.

Michael Kutryb, MD
If your eyes were both very nearsighted, and if you only received an implant in your left eye, and if you are now wearing glasses to correct nearsightedness only in your right eye, then there can be a disparity in the way you perceive size of things in the two eyes.
The solution for you (if this is the case) is to wear a contact lens in your right eye instead of glasses. Glasses for nearsightedness make things appear smaller, but after awhile your brain learns to interpret the visual information accurately. With different kinds of lenses in the 2 eyes (one a short distance away from the eye, the other in contact with the eye), the brain can't do this. At least, not yet. I don't know if it would over time. Since I can't wear contacts, this was so disturbing to me after surgery for a cataract in my left eye, that I went ahead and had surgery in my right eye even though the cataract wasn't that bad, .
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