Bump/Lump on Forehead
by kdburton, Aug 26, 2002
I noticed about 6 months ago a lump on my forehead. I have not had any head injury, I just one day noticed a small lump. I have no pain and have had no headaches. The lump is still there and hasn't seemed to grow. What could this lump be?
by Forum-M.D.-DT, Aug 27, 2002
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Quite commonly people will develop sebaceous cysts on their head and neck. A sebaceous (or epidermoid) cyst is a noncancerous swelling under the skin. It is lined by packed outer skin cells. The cyst itself is filled with oil or dead cells. Under certain conditions such as stress, increased activity, mechanical irritation, diabetes, or other concurrent illness these cysts may enlarge and become somewhat tender. On occasion, these cysts will be drained by the physician and antibiotics will be prescribed. Warm moist compresses will commonly help bring these cysts
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by writepooh7, Dec 08, 2002
Hi my son has one of these wierd bumps on his belly on the right side of his tummy we have not had it taken off yet but plan to his 7 The dr says the same thing hemotoma like thing cyst. wow
by Todlor, Aug 05, 2007
In my haste to rush around, I bumped into a door about 3 weeks ago (hosting a chaotic slumber party for my 9 yr old!)  I had a golf ball lump on my forehead just above my eyebrow.  I put some ice on it for an hour or so and even though it shrunk, It stayed swollen for a few days and today, it is still present!  It has gone down a lot but how long do these things last? Thanks.