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Need info on Strep G
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Need info on Strep G

My Question: How common is painful pharyngitis and fever, from Strep G, with negative on Strep A?  Both the doctor and the nurses said "maybe" its the Strep G. Would you assume the pharyngitis is due to something else since Strep G is part of the natural flora for many people?

Had unprotected sex with 3 different people in the last 2 months.  Last week I ran myself down with very little sleep and developed a sore throat.

Day 1: Sore throat developed VERY quickly (3 hours or less it went from slight to severe) and 101.5 fever as well

Day 2: Negative on Strep A.  Positive on Strep G. Fever up to 103. Throat viciously painful even when turning my head to the side.  Forget swallowing. It felt like broken glass or razor blades.

Day 3: 1000mg Amoxicillin for throat (guessing?) 500mg Motrin for Fever.  Fever broke, and did not return. Cold sweats all day.

Day 4: Continued Amox 500mg 3x a day. By end of day sore throat gone.

Day 5 - 12: Very very very tired. Worn out. Fatigue in evening. Sleeping 10 hours+. Glands in Armpits and Groin swelled up repeatedly. Aching and enflamed glands on each side of Groin and armpits continued for 7 full days after all other symptoms were gone.

Naturally I am trying to determine if this is just a Strep infection or if its a sign of something worse (acute HIV).  If Strep G can commonly cause severe severe sore throats and fever, and you've seen this before as an ear/nose/throat specialist, then the fact that I've gotten better with antibiotics matches that, and is comforting news.  Not sure what to make of the extreme tiredness and swollen glands after the fact though, in unrelated areas of the body.
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Strep G can certainly cause the pharyngitis - especially since it has been cultured out.  The one thing you want to ensure is that it is sensitive to the antibiotics - most cases are sensitive to Amoxicillin.  

If the symptoms continue, there are a variety of viruses that can present similarly - including HIV, EBV (i.e. mononucleosis), or CMV.  

If antibiotics don't help, you may want to consider being tested for the aforementioned viruses.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I forgot to add my second question.  What is the value of putting G on the main "Strep Culture" if its just part of normal flora?  It seems odd to me that they would even include it as part of a "Strep Throat" test if it is really as rare as they say in causing pharyngitis.

Lastly, what is the significance of a positive G result on a throat swab?  If its part of normal flora, it will always be positive.  Does the throat swab at least have value in that it identifies an *overgrowth* of G?  Otherwise it seems like doing a urine test for the presence of urine...

Those are my 3 Questions then.  Thanks!
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