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Numbness in fingers at night
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Numbness in fingers at night

For the past six months, I've noticed that I sometimes wake up with my pinky and ring fingers numb.  It never lasts more than a few seconds.  It never happens during the day.  I have no other symptoms.  They are not the fingers that go numb with carpel tunnel.  But since it has been going on so long, I am getting scared to death.  Could this be a brain tumor or something really serious like that?  I have no idea where to begin or what kind of doctor would diagnose something like this.
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Cubital tunnel syndrome, or ulnar nerve compression can lead to the symptoms.  Evaluation can be done with a nerve conduction study.  

If a brain tumor or stroke is suspected, a head CT or MRI can be done.

I would discuss this symptom with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a neurologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Back in college, the same thing happened to me, only it wasn't temorary!! For about six months I dealt with completely a numb pinky, mostly numb ring finer, and a numbing sensation down the side of my hand where my pinky is.  I did research and was DEFINITELY the ulnar nerve being affected.  If i hit my hand in the right spot, i would get this electric tingly feeling all up my arm to my elbow.

The fact that it happens to you only at night suggests that you are laying on your arms a certain way, and putting pressure on them.

I had to force myself to start sleeping on my back instead of my side (which was very hard actually) - and it took care of itself in a few months.

Hope this helps.
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Approx. 4yrs ago I began having pain in my r shoulder.  There was a burning, almost intolerable heat.  With that I would experience weakness and pain radiating down the lateral aspect of the arm into my pinky.
MRI sts that spinal/nerve tracts grossly patent.
I continue to have the symptoms, but more progressive.  Now I boast Rynaud's.  Sed and ANA w/in norm limits.  
approx. 12 months ago began getting get hives, SOB, rapid HR
When new symptoms began I quickly thought I "lost my mind" and titled myself w/panic DO.  But short found out a new bed purchased contained bedbug YUCK!  Hives resolved, no CP/SOB for awhile
then I got "cotton-mouth" (not taking ANY RX or OTC)  eye pain, headache, CP, SOB.  all resolve on, as I am still alive, but I once believed I was crazy, but I had bug.  
MRI is not changed in 4yrs, brain MRI w/in normal limits.
24-hr halter SR.
Still no meds rx or otherwise.  Live without limitations, except fatigue which does not cripple me.  Talk myself through each event.  Have had two syncible episodes, unwitness.  Current HR resting fluctuates btw 54-84. During events have noted irregular R/R but not document.  
Should I get an implantable Medtronic device to evaluate what I  my events are sense they happen infrequently?
Could I have a connect tissue DO w/o lab values or +MRI?
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