Still having feeling of hot head and cold body (chills)
by silverstanger, Mar 24, 2004
28 year old male.

On and off each day, randomly I get a very hot face. My cheeks feel hot and itchy (on top of cheek bone and goes back/up towards my ears).. my ears feel kind of hot

My face is also itchy all over, forehead, cheeks, neck, scalp, as if i having allergic reaction to something (had one before)

Meanwhile my head so hot and tingly/itchy/flushed feeling that my body cold.. from shoulders down have chills that run down my back and arms.

Tired of getting this on and off. All blood tests check out fine.
Thyroid has been checked in past. Felt it this last Friday real bad, and went to doctor. He look at 2 month ago blood results, etc. and say he not going to give me anything.. At time my temp. 98.3F which my usual temp is 97.7-97.x

It also seems like my temp is 98.x when I get this, but haven't had enough time to confirm.

** Friday night after doc not treat me for anything, got chills  real bad all over, eyes hurt when look to sides, heartrate went to 128!! Fever went to 100.1F so took tylenol and went to ER per friends advice.

Didn't get seen after waiting 6 hours and fever went down, and chills went away, heartrate went down. **

I think this may have been seperate deal as I had lots of diarhea during the heavy chills / fever.. stomach and all that seem to be getting a bit better, not much though. No more high fever just....

back to original complaint of slight chills/flushed face fever feeling that I start with in last post. and still have diareah just not as bad.

Any ideas?? please read this whole thing.

by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Mar 25, 2004
The presence of flushing and diarrhea may be suggestive of carcinoid syndrome.  This is a disorder where various humoral factors are released by tumors causing the symptoms.  It is relatively rare, but can be considered if the workup thus far is negative.

The most useful initial diagnostic test for the carcinoid syndrome is to measure 24-hour urinary excretion of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (HIAA), which is the end product of serotonin metabolism.  This test can be considered by your personal physician.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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by silverstanger, Mar 24, 2004
I look at face and it has a pattern exactly the same on both sides.. from my cheeks following up my cheek bone toward my ears (i have high cheek bones) My skin is redish pink.. exactly same on both sides and right ear is read..

Feel hot and itchy.
by ontherecord, Mar 24, 2004
You need to see an allergist since this sounds like an idiopathic allergic reaction to perhaps something in your enviroment or something you're exposed to on a regular basis.  Document the symtoms, their frequency and their intensity and follow-up with your internist.  Insist on the appropriate referrals and chances are everything will be ok.  Good luck.
by silverstanger, Mar 25, 2004
I have had barium enema, upper GI series (drink barium), and a colonoscopy.. does that help out my chances of it not being this carcinoid syndrome?? I have had the above tests within a year or two.

Also I get chills when I get this flushness.. is that related?

Had a pelvic C/T twice in the last 2 years also..

None of these tests were positive for anything.

by tinika, Aug 11, 2004
i am a 48 fmemale who for the past months i have been having the sensation of being cold which i am not i get thm more when i go to bed i have been getting hot flushes aswell
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