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Vagina is itchy, sore, has bad smell, and cloudy pee but not discharge...
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Vagina is itchy, sore, has bad smell, and cloudy pee but not discharge

Hi, I am a 21 yo girl and a few months ago I had a normal pap/pelvic exam. I am sexually active with my boyfriend but we both are monagamos and STD free and everything, and we have unprotected sex sometimes.

My vagina has been itchy and kind of sore like where I pee from, with a bad smell.
It smells like onions or B.O. kind of, and fishy. It definetly smells different usually I like the way it smells, and when I itch it stays on my hands and I cannot get the smell off.

I have had no discharge, only a TINY bit but I cannot tell because I just was finishing my period when this started.
So, I am sure the discharge was end of period.. now its gone. I also had one tiny bit of discharge that was like mucous, a bit green with a bit of reddish brown. but it was TINY amount the size of the end of a pen.

I asked my boyfriend to smell just since he knows how it usually is (sorry gross i know) and he said it smells really bad and totally different :(

I thought it might be a yeast infection so first i tried putting yogurt in, and on my vagina and then i bought a canestan home kit, but it hasn't helped.

Now my pee is cloudy and it smells strong.

I have been washing my vagina once a day with just water trying not to upset it more with soap or douches (which i normally dont do, but i normally wash with soap i didn't know i was not supposed to)

I am going to my family Dr. on thursday but I am really embarassed to tell her about this and I am freaking out about it :(
Do doctors laugh at you after you leave? Do you think someone else has had this problem before me?
I am really really embarssed about this :(
How can I ask her about this without dying of embarassment?

I have also had headaches for 2 weeks I don't know if thats related or not, I am on zantac have been for a few months for sour stomache and indigestion/stomache acid. I know it causes headaches so i am going to ask her about that too.
Are there any other medications i could have that don't have many side effects i always seem to get them.

I know I need to talk to her but I am so anxious just to hear your opinion of this!

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This is a common symptom, and seen frequently at many physicians' offices.  

Various types of infection should be considered.  The first would be vaginosis - either bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis (fungal infection) or trichomonas.  Usually a vaginal culture or analyzing the vaginal discharge or fluid under a microscope can make the diagnosis.  Either antibiotics or antifunglals are prescribed depending on what is found.

I would also test the urine for infection as well.  

These options should be discussed with your personal physician.  Believe it or not, it actually is quite common so many physicians are quite used to this complaint.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I am no expert, but there may be two things going on here.  A urinary tract infection (UTI) and a vaginal infection of some sort.  You need treatment from a doctor to get rid of both.  Yogurt and OTC medicines aren't going to help.  I know it won't help to say to you 'don't be embarrased'.  You will feel awkward at first, but so much better after you find out what it is and it is treated.  Doctors see all kinds of things and this is pretty common.  I would go to an OB doc.  They can handle it all.  You should be seeing one anyway, if you are sexually active.  Also, I wouldn't put 100% of my faith into my BF being 100% truthful.  I am just a realist and older....;)
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Hi Violet,
     A long time ago (40 years) my wife when experienced the same thing. I'm not a doctor but you should definitly see one. My wife was given pills to insert into herself. They worked but it would return. The final cure occured after I was circumcised, so if your sex partner is uncircumcised you might want to send him to a urologist. Good luck
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im a 19 year old girl and me nd my boyfriend are sexual active with each other. We do have unprotected sex and both are clean. Lately ive been itching on my vulva. I dont knw whts wrong. At first i had a bruise that turned into swellen of the libia. White discharge. Now all of that have gone away. Its just the itching now. Can someone tell me whats wrong?
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