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Very sick for almost a year. Still undiagnosed.
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Very sick for almost a year. Still undiagnosed.


I am a female in my early 20's, and I have a random array of symptoms. I am desperate and still undiagnosed.  I had to take a medical leave from school, and I am too sick to even work part time. Please help.

Here's a few highlights. Most a gastrointestinal; some are muscular. Briefly, I always feel fatigued, usually dizzy, my muscles are often in pain, and I almost always have severe abdominal discomfort.

-Unintentional weight loss. Dropped to a bmi of 14 at one point; currently at 15 or 16. I don't have an eating disorder; the weight loss followed the symptoms below (although I cannot say for the bradycardia)..

-Resting heart rate dropped to around 30; I had to get a pacemaker to correct this. I was never very active and used to have a normal heart rate.

-Nausea/regurgitation. Inability to consume more than a small amount of food/liquid without losing it.

-Chronic constipation

-Post-meal symptoms:
   -cramping (severe pain in a few localized regions, some in lower abdomen and one point that I think is the bottom of the esophagus), excess gas, severe bloating
   -nausea and heartburn
   -extreme dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty/inability to focus vision, fatigue, lightheadedness
   -chills, popping veins

-Muscular: Slight myotonia (as determined by emg). Muscle stiffness, cramping, twitching, tingling/stinging, difficulty relaxing, loss of coordination, muscle weakness.

I've had virtually every test imaginable done (CT scan, MRI of brain, colonoscopy, endoscopy, SB series, etc etc.) Some blood test abnormalities: high creatine kinase, slightly high ALT/AST, slightly high Ca (no supplemennts at time), high amylase, and slightly low prothrombin time.

Sorry for all the info. I would greatly appreciate any help!!    
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Avatar dr f tn
Hii Friend,
How are you feeling now?
You  need to have a through check up with a good musculo-skeletal specialist as the increased creatine kinase is not a good sign of the disease progressing.
Please discuss , after appointment with him.
All the best.
Avatar m tn
Can you chronologically rearrange your symptoms. Try to mention as much relevant details as possible.
I hope i can be benefit to you.

Avatar f tn
Hi,Please do your own research project on the subject"multiple organ infection by nanobacteria".
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Hello, have you been diagnosed yet? Has your condition improved?
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