been feeling woozy, like partially drunk, eyes also feel funny.
by silverstanger, Feb 23, 2004
It all started about 2 months ago. I can remember looking up while tearing down a wall at work (not too hard of work for me).
It was a simple task.. it was the looking all around, high and low that made me feel funny.

My eyes felt dry and tired, and I felt woozy. I went home for the day and after a while the feeling wore off.. especially after going to sleep.

Then the next few weeks on and off I started feeling funny again.

Like when you are REAL tired and your eyes are dry, ADD the feeling of intoxication (like after a small buzz). Kind of like when you drink a bit and feel the buzz, and feel woozy but you can still walk, talk, drive, everything.. it just doesn't feel 100% real - if i focus it is a little better.

Looking and doing things makes it worse. I have seen the term Cloudy Sensorium and that kind of describes me.
The feeling I am not me completely. Drunken.

I feel like i am cloudy and slightly confused. If I sit still and look at one thing it kind of helps.. like when you get drunk and do stuff it is worse but still there all the time.

I tried sleeping, eating well, ignoring it, took many tests:

CT scan of head - GOOD,
CT of sinuses and neck (due to an enlarged node *dont know for sure and results not back yet) that doesn't hurt - is just there - NO INFO YET.

Lots of bloodwork, and tests for diseases like hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, etc. - ALL GOOD

Any ideas where to go with this now?? I FEEL THIS ALL DAY EVERYDAY NOW.

P.S. Had 1 eye Iritis also, took steroid drops but b4 this
by Kevin Pho, MDBlank, Feb 23, 2004
There are a variety of conditions that can cause your symptoms.  Any type of thyroid, rheumatological, neurological or viral disease can be the cause.

I would test your thyroid, for Epstein-Barr virus (i.e. mononucleosis), ANA level, rheumatoid factor, blood count, liver function tests and metabolic panel.  This would be a reasonable approach to screen for most of the more common diseases.

If those tests are not revealing, you may want to consider a referral to a specialist - for instance a neurologist or rheumatologist.  A brain and neck MRI/MRA study can be considered for a more detailed imaging evaluation.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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by silverstanger, Feb 23, 2004
Also have had EKG, and Corotid ultrasound test and they both came back GOOD.

It is not a vertigo, dizzy feeling, but my eyes feel tired and looking around and moving around makes it worse.

Now that I am thinking about it, what brought it on again the next time was moving all around cleaning the house. Picking up things, turning around to put things here and there.

Afterwards though the feeling would go away after a few hours or rest. Now it there everyday, from morning to sleep.. the first few days i felt it i thought i was just tired, so i slept and slept for days (the weekend).

I have been having this for I would say 2 weeks straight now, with no relief.

I am not on any medications but have taken Reglan, Lipitor, Nexium, Levaquin, Hydrocodone (dorvacet), and even Docycline.
However I don't recall taking this and then feeling something afterwards unless these drugs could have caused long term effects.

All meds were prescribed for my different problems with stomach, cholesterol, car accident, and prostatitis;other probs.
by PapaCap, Feb 25, 2004

I'm currently suffering from a "drunk feeling" that sounds similar to what you describe.  It started in July '03 and progressively turned worse.  I had the same tests you had done and a few more (EEG, MRI, stress echo, bloodwork on thyroid, et al).  Everything turned out peachy.  Also, I've been to cardiologists, neurologists, and endocronologists.  None of them have a clue as to what it is.  To this day, I still feel "drunk" and after a boat load of money spent, all I've seem to got out of it is a bunch of "I dunno's" (literally<--I was furious when the neurologist said that the first time).  So, I can completely sympathize with your situation.  Hopefully, you'll find out what it is and if you do, please drop me a line.  And if I find anything out, I'll do the same.  Thanks.


Corey Meredith
by ozark, Feb 25, 2004
you could possibly have migraines or it could be due to muscle tension in your neck...the muscles estend into your head  and when one is tight it can affect your eyes and ears...maybe a massage therapist would help
by ozark, Feb 27, 2004
it could be something to do with muscle tension in your neck...many of the muscles in your neck extend up inside your head...when they get tight they can pull and cause off balance feelings, eye sensations etc...maybe a massage therapist is in order...just a thought
by ozark, Feb 27, 2004
oops sorry about the repeat info...when i was on today my last message didnt show up so i thought it didnt go thru....after i posted this one, the one i wrote 2 days ago came on at the same time..
by PapaCap, Mar 10, 2004
Thanks ozark for the advice.

by Smokeybarney, Mar 16, 2004
I have had the same exact symptoms for over a month now.  My doctor has diagnosed me with "Viral Labyrinthitis" (inflamed inner ear).  This virus usually follows an upper respiratory infection.  The infection spreads to the inner/middle ear and causes an inflammation that takes months to go away.  You could also have an ear infection or fluid build-up in your ears caused by allergies. Since your inner ear is where balance/equilibrium is controlled, I would bet that this is your problem.  Particulary since I have the same symptoms as you.  My doctor has prescribed meclizine (for dizziness) and nasocort (to help open the Eustachian tube and release fluid in the ear).  Your medical doctor can examine your ears to see the status of your ear drums (mine are retracted right now), or you can go to an Ear,Nose,& Throat specialist to have them take a look and see if that might be the problem.  Good luck to you.
by maxer, Mar 18, 2004
I have found that I'm not alone with this dizzy feeling which I have had since June 2003. Have had numerous tests; bone scan, skull scan, CT scan of sinuses, blood tests. Went to an ENT last November; everything checked out okay. Now I am going to have more blood tests next week and a 24 hr urine collection done.  Will be seeing an endrocronologist; sure hope he finds something. It is so hard staring at a computer at work all day when my head is spinning. Especially when I move my head back and forth. Even went to a chiropractor; he did all he could do; he did not feel my dizziness was related to anything with my neck. I can't understand why these doctors can't find anything when were spending all this time and money on them!