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intermittent facial numbness
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intermittent facial numbness

Male Age 69, recent mild facial numbness episodes   commenced LEFT side (4/5months ago)  ,  recent few days repeated on right side.Had dental treatment involving root canals front teeth but dentist advises not connected (he checked with X rays).

There has been a partial loss (50%?)of hearing on R ear for some considerable  time but recently this loss of hearing has progressed to app 90% .   There is no facial restriction or other complications that I am aware but concerned as Mother died of stroke(several) at age 83.  
I have meds for BP and cholesterol control(statins) both controlled  . Prescribed 75mgs asprin by cardiologist after full exam 2years ago. Given that no specific heart prob other than  slightly leaky valve . Fairly active although 20lbs overweight.    
There is no pain as such  and he epiosodes of numbness  are occasional ....( some months ago I was stung by a horsefly on right ear which was  treated with antibiotic and cleared up quickly.

I am not aware of any number of headaches  other than the odd one which most people seem to get.

your advice would be appreciated in this respect  , and if I may ask what would be your advice re the leaky heart valve  ,
as I have been told to ignore it but it seems that some consideration may be needed there.

I am taking a comprehensive nutrient/vitamin supplement Extend life (NEW Zealand)

thank you


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Possibilities for the symptoms can include a transient ischemic attack, facial nerve compression, or a intracranial neurological disease.  Difficult to say without examination.

Tests to consider would be some kind of head imaging - either a CT scan or MRI - as well as imaging the neck arteries (either with an MRA or ultrasound).  

Regarding the leaky heart valve - it is difficult to speculate since there are so many causes of this.  Certainly valve abnormalities can lead to stroke - and an echocardiogram can be considered to evaluate this.

A referral to a neurologist should be considered if the symptoms continue, or to discuss the tests mentioned above.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
so I had a head exploding headache the other day, as well as my face going numb. I went to emerg. & then had a ct scan as well as a spinal tap, specifically because my mother had a brain anuerysym 4 yrs ago, & her dad died of one, as well as her cousin. (my mother survived) nothing showed up on the tests. the numbness went away abt. 24 hrs later. nobody has any answers for me as to why I felt like I had been frozen from the dentist. My husband is freaked out that it may happen again. Who knows? maybe it will, because so far, nobody has any answers for me. I am 43 yrs. old, other than being a smoker, I am in fairly good health.
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