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low wbc
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low wbc

Hello, I just got the result for a routine CBC for my son who is 20 months old. They are as follows.  We received a note from his pediatrician saying things look fine.Should I look further into his results?  He hasn't been sick recently.
Component                         Value                         Range
WBC                                   3.9 (*)                        5.5-19.0(K/UL)
RBC, auto                            4.34                          3.7-5.30 (MIL)
HGB                                    10.8                          10.5-13.5(G/DL)
HCT                                      33.0                         33-39 (%)
MCV                                     76                            70-86 (CMICRON)
MCH                                     24.9                         23-31 (PG)
MCHC                                  32.7                          30-36(GM/DL)
RDW, BLOOD                       15.6(*)                      12-15.4(%)
PLATELETS                          313                           140-440(K/UL)
NEUTROPHILS SEGMENTED %, BLD    23.0                  -(%)
BANDS %                                             1.0                     -(%)
LYMPHOCYTES %                                65                      -(%)
MONOS %                                            8.0                     -(%)
EOSINOPHILS %                                   2.0                     -(%)
BASOPHILS                                          1.0                     -(%)
NEUTROPHILS                                      .94(*)                  1.2-6.7(x1000)
LYMPHOCYTES                                    2.54                    -(x1000)
MONOCYTES                                        0.31                   0.0-0.8(x1000)
EOSINOPHILS                                       0.08                   0.0-0.7(x1000)
BASOPHILS                                          0.04                   0.0-0.1(x1000)
1+microcyte,occ. ovalocytes,occ teardrop cells

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If your son has been feeling fine, these slightly abnormal values are likely nothing to be worried about.  The abnormally shaped red blood cells (teardrops etc) are usually related to some kinds of anemia, but he has only a few of them, and his rbcs/Hb,Hct are normal.  Your pediatrician would have experience dealing with lab results for children, so I would not be concerned.  If you want peace of mind, you could ask your pediatrician if he/she thinks a repeat would be warranted in a few months to see if there are any changes.

Good luck,
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