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vitamin d come back to normal.when sternum pressure and pain will be en...
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vitamin d come back to normal.when sternum pressure and pain will be ended?

16may2013 i feel breathing issue due to heavy pressure at center of chest after cleaning home and pulmonary doctor ask me blood test of vitamin d, cbc and IgE. My IgE was normal but vitamin d was 5.06 ng /ml and increase white blood cell (13) then he give me antibiotics for 5 days, antihistimine for a week, asthma pump for 7 days, acidity medicine two weeks, 400iu daily vitamin d with calcium and two 600, 000 iu vitamin d injections with two weeks gap.after all medications i dont feel any reliex.My white blood cell counts also increase from 13 to 15.My breathing issue convert in sternum and ribcage pain.I feel pressure and pain in sternum(center of chest).My xrays and ECG is fine.After 6 weeks of injections my vitamin d level is now 44 ng /ml but still i cant do any house work.whenever i carry any small weight like 2 or 3 kg i feel pressure and pain in sternum..Only ibuprofen gel (muscuskeleton pain relief) give me temporary relief.Sleeping at straight position also give relief from pain but i feel pain if i turn on sides.I cant wear tight cloth at the end of increases pain.
It’s hard to know exactly without knowing more about your medical history and examining you, but there are a lot of things that can cause the chest discomfort you describe. The way you describe it (worse with cleaning, worse with carrying heavy objects, worse with certain positions, painful to touch the sternum, ibuprofen temporarily improving the pain), makes me think this is likely a musculoskeletal problem called costochondritis. Costochondritis can be very painful and unfortunately can last for quite a while.

Of course, when people have chest pain we want to make sure it is not a serious heart or lung issue, and it sounds like yours is not. Sometimes acid reflux or asthma can also cause these types of symptoms, but it sounds like the treatment for those conditions did not improve your symptoms.

Treatment for costochondritis is mainly rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. You may want to take the ibuprofen around the clock for a week or so and see if that helps (but make sure you take it with food, and stop if it is irritating your stomach).

I am not sure why you are having an increase in your white blood cell count – are you having fevers or chills? A cough productive of sputum? Any sign of infection anywhere? Any recent steroid use? I would recommend checking in with your physician about that.

It sounds like your physician has done a thorough workup so I would recommend you continue to be closely in touch with him or her, and make sure you return if your symptoms change or do not improve.  Good luck!
Thanks christina. i only apply ibuprofen gel (cream)on sternum . i didnt have ibuprofen.i dont have fever but feeling pins in legs when i use laptop by folding legs for more than 20mint.i dont have cough.Dr check many times but When i feel heavy feeling on center of chest then few mints i hear wizlling sound on deep breath then after two three deep breaths that sound gone.I dont know i have infection any where or not because dr dont tell me anythings.I live in hot weather country like 25 C to 45 c but if i drink cold water in such hot weather then my one nostril of nose close only when i sleep on bed.Vick help me for this.I also take asthma pump (steriod) four puff one day then get 13 white blood cell count. and after one week course of asthma pump my white blood cell count was 15.Is it possible that due to costochondritis inflammation my WBC counts increases? i m not doctor so i am confuse.I have sinus type pain since 2 years and but pain always gone when i take water steam inhallation.

As far as my medical histry is concern then i have high level of prolactine (45 to 100) since 2004 but had periods issue till 2012 .Now i dont have periods issue.In 2010 i have done my pevis ultrasound and everything was normal but dr has doubt of PCOS.I had chicken pox in 2009.
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