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16 DPO- no period- but BFN
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16 DPO- no period- but BFN

I am 16 days past ovulation, period was due 2 days ago on the 14th day past ovulation. I am always like clockwork- 28 days. I am 2 days late yet I still get negative pregnancy tests. My basal temps are up and up- higher than they have ever been.
I don't get what is going on! Should I call my doctor? Is it possible to get a late BFP?
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Oh and here is the link to my chart
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Hi Trishlk,

I am in the SAME boat!  My period was due yesterday, I ovulated on the 5th, and had a tiny bit of spotting on the 14th.  But I am still getting a negative pregnancy test.  My cycles have been 31 days faithfully for so long.  I wonder if I could still be pregnant.
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Both of you could be pregnant!

Go for blood work and it is more accurate than HPT.
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I sure hope we both are! But then why would the test be negative I have the tests that read at 20 MIu. My guess is either I ovulated later than I thought, or late implantation, or low HCG and any of those reasons are a high risk for another miscarriage. (I had one back in June at 7 weeks)
Maybe the internet cheepie tests I got are just crud. LOL
I guess I will wait for 18 DPO and see again.
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I hope we both are as well.  I did finally decide to accept the fact that I am not this month...again.  I had a mini break down last night with my husband.  But there is no sign of my period...and I am not 17 dpo.  My period was due 2 days ago.  I don't understand.
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What is the update with you? I had a break down too. I still am late, I thought today was 18 DPO but I may have ovulated later than thought and am only be 13 DPO by looking at my chart.
I don't understand why I am late and the tests are negative. I made an appointment with an RE for next month  though so maybe I will get some answers.
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Can I jump on this bandwagon? LOL.  I am CD40 and JUST started spotting.  It's been 6 months of trying and 8 months since I had a miscarriage.  I don't understand why my cycles go from 31 to 39 days.  It just doesn't make sense.  I had an OB appointment last week and she doesn't think anything is wrong, but she did order some bloodwork for me next cycle.  I am just as frustrated as you both are and I wish we had answers.  I frequently have my "breakdowns" and all i can say is that we need to try to keep on keeping on even when we don't feel like it.  I wish you both the best....I know how disappointing the BFN but no AF waiting game is.  You get this glimmer of hope that you might actually be pg. but then you really are just stuck in a long cycle of torture.
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Well guys I got a BFP this morning at 19 DPO! I took a digital instead of an internet cheepie this time and it says "pregnant"! I am so excited but so worried at the same time, after having a miscarriage and now getting such a late BFP- but I am thinking positive thoughts!
773214 tn?1295138669
WOW Trish!  That is great.  Me, on the other hand, got AF in full force by the end of the night.  Congrats and best wishes for a healthy 9 months!
1085628 tn?1326555485
I would like to be involved except I have no idea what any of the abbreviations mean I am new to this site I probably will have to know them eventually can somebody fill me in. bfp? dpo?

Thanks !
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Hey GinaGi-the abbreviations are alil confusing at first but once ya get the hang of it its easy  :)   bfp=big fat positive  dpo=days past ovulation
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Congrats Trish, Im 12DPO I feel AF poking her witchy head** Getting cramps this morning 30days on the dot....

Yeah Trish get those onesies ready!!...

Baby dust to all...
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Here are a few that might help you :)

AF--Auntie Flo(w)--Oftentimes, The Most Unwanted and Most Uninvited of House Guests.

BBT--Basal Body Temperature/Thermometer

BC--Birth Control

BCP--Birth Control Pill

BD--Baby Dancing--Also Our Favorite Brand Name Basal Body Thermometer, B-D

BFN--Big Fat Negative

BFP--Big Fat Positive


C#--Cycle You're On Since TTC

CBE--ClearBlueEasy (Pregancy Test)

CF--Cervical Fluid

CM--Cervical Mucus

C/S--Ceserean Section

D–Day Of  Cycle You Are On

D/A, aka, DA--Dear Angel (Members Often Refer To Children Lost To Miscarriage or Other Tragedies In This Way)

DPO--Days Past Ovulation

D&C--Dilation & Curettage

DB--Dear Boyfriend

DC--Dear Child(ren)

DD--Dear Daughter

DF--Dear Fiance'

DH--Dear Husband/Darn Husband/Designated Hitter

DS--Dear Son

DSC--Dear Step Child(ren)

DSD--Dear Step Daughter

DSS--Dear Step Son

E2E--Expecting To Expect


FRER--First Response Early Result (pregnancy test)

HCG--Human Chorionic Gondadotropin; The *Pregnancy Hormone*

HSG--Hysterosalpingogram--Refers To An X-ray Study Of The Inside Of  The Uterus To Check That The Shape Of The Inner Cavity Of The Uterus Is Normal And That The Fallopian Tubes Are Open.

HPT--Home Pregnancy Test

HPT-PD–Home Pregnancy Test Police Deptartment; Members are referred here when they test too early only if someone from the HPT-PD hasn't gotten to you first.

HTH--Hope that Helps

ICSI--Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

IUD--Intrauterine Device (A Form Of Birth Control)


IVF--In Vitro Fertilization

LMP--Last Menstrual Period

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

LP – Luteal Phase: (The Time Frame From O[vulation] to AF) Needs to Be At Least 10 days Although the Average is 12-16 days.

M/C--Miscarriage (Some Members Also Use An Angel Symbol [~i~] To Represent Their Children That Have Passed Before Them, Due To Miscarriage Or Another Tragedy

ML--Making Love


O – Ovulation

OPK--Ovulation Predictor Kits, aka, Overpriced Pee Kits.

POAS--Pee(ing) on a Stick

PCOC--Poly Cystic Ovarian Condition

PCOS--Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome

PDOF--Peak Day Of Fertility


PMS--Premenstrual Syndrome--Does This Really Need An Explanation? ;)

RE--Reproductive Endocronoligist

SA--Semen/Sperm Analysis

Spot--AF & UC's dog which often runs ahead of them to let you know they are on their way.

SSBD--Sticky Stuff and Baby Dust!



TTC--Trying to Conceive

TTC# -Which Number Child You Are TTC

TTYS--Talk To You Soon

2WW--Two Week Wait

UC--Uncle Cramps--AF's Companion In Our Bodies, Which Only Constitutes More Pain And More PMS

WB--Welcome Back

WTT--Waiting to Test--Also Refers To Waiting

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what is this wonderful BFP doing hiding in a BFN thread. Out with it girl :)
1085628 tn?1326555485
Thanks so much ! Your all are so helpful and I wish you all the best (me included in that)
I must say i was very hesitant to join but i am so glad i did. I am actually smiling today .
1085628 tn?1326555485
Okay I need help again..So it's been two weeks since the d&c. I had severe gushing bleeding all over the floor horrible, this morning with clots it stopped. For some reason I thought i was ovulation so i took the opk this morning and it came positive is this possible? Is this the reason why I started bleeding. I am going to the doctor this morning . Should I let him examine me i don't want to start any more problems.
I feel like there is no light at the end of this tunnel .
Avatar n tn
Hi everyone Iam new to this!  been trying to conceive for 3years now had fertility investigations, slight problems with semen results ;(  have a nine year old  my angel!!  

Anyhow dpo9 my boobs are soooooooooo sore, teeth senstive head sore, very tried and cm pains in tummy!!  thinking am getting my hopes up!!!!  due on 17th ish normally 28 to 31 cycle!

wish me luck
1085628 tn?1326555485
Hey how is everything going? I am keepig my fingers crossed for you.
Avatar f tn
Sorry about your miscarriage GinaGi.  I had one on September 17th and have been trying TTC ever since.  Right now I'm CD 30 and 14 DPO and still getting BFNs.  My temp is higher than it has been all cycle so I'm still hopeful.  I'm so afraid of what my temp is going to say tomorrow morning though.  I don't know what my 'regular' cycle is now since they say that changes after having a miscarriage (I had a D&C).

Good luck to all of those that are currently TTCing  :)

Here's my link:

Avatar f tn
i guess i can't post the link for some reason?  If you just fill in 'fertilityfriend . com' with no spaces you can see my chart...
Avatar n tn
Hi guys,

Im new here!!!! So iv had 2 m/c in the space of 3 months my 1st i had a d/c and 2nd i a natural m/c on the 1/1/10. I got a positive ovulation reading 17 days ago but no period yet and a negative pregnancy test!! i also had what i think was an implantation bleed tuesday 26th im really confused and really hoping and praying that it may well be jus to soon 4 a positve reading!!! any helpful storys/advice!!!
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