2ww-symptoms after embryo transfer
by nylena, Apr 28, 2010
Hi everybody,I was just wondering ,has anybody had a positive result in ivf without having any real symptoms during 2ww?I've been through this before and I always had ''symptoms'' before bfp,but this time...not really.Maybe my question is quite silly but I could use some hope,I guess..
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by ummansoor, Apr 29, 2010
No not a silly question at all! I hate it when I get symptoms because my instinct tells me that there is something wrong and although I want to lie to myself and ask others if these symptoms are symptoms of something positive, I know deep in my heart that I'm in denial and that my period is about to start.. I hate the cramps and especially the white thick discharge.. <--- this one is the one that tells me its over.. Your period is coming... So if you have zero symptoms then I think that is what we all are aiming for.. I've been pregnant 3 times before and I never once had any symptoms until I was 3 months pregnant.. :o)
by Kricket212, May 11, 2010
I am wondering the same thing.  Bumping this thread for anyone to post what they felt prior to getting pregnancy.
by Redhenful, May 11, 2010
Same question...
My last transfer i had cramps and it was a BFN...
this time i have no cramping...
by schroederheather, May 11, 2010
I just got done with my 2ww (FET, 5 day transfer), I had positive PG test 8 days post transfer.  I had no signs, I was a little constipated, belched quite a bit and was bloated.  I had a little cramping the day of the transfer and the day after but barely noticeable.

Good luck to all
by Kricket212, May 11, 2010
Thanks.  That is how I felt for IVF #1.  This cycle have not really had much of anything.  I have compared my notes from last cycle.  I also have no implantation spotting as I did on day 3 previously............Today is 5dp3dt & still hoping...........Praying for a sticky baby.
by schroederheather, May 12, 2010
Well ignore my earlier post, I just found this and it says your in 2ww, sticky baby dust to you!

I still havent had any implantation spotting, nothing at all.  That is probably a good sign then if you previouisly had bleeding.  My first IVF I had bleeding about 7 days after!