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BBT spike then drop, then slow rise - help!
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BBT spike then drop, then slow rise - help!


I'd love some advice on what my temps are doing. I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks about 5 weeks ago and am desperate to conceive again. I have had one period since then and am now on day 20 of my cycle. I've been charting my temps at the same time of day every day. All was looking good, with a definite spike on Day 15, but then it dropped straighat back down and has only risen slowly since then - barely above the coverline. Was the spike a freak incident? Have I ovulated? Do you think I could my progesterone levels could be low? I normally have a very regular 28 or 29 day cycle.


Days 1 - 11: between 36.2 and 36.4
Day 12: 36.1
Day 13: 36.2
Day 14: 36.1
Day 15: 36.7
Day 16: 36.1
Day 17: 36.2
Day 18: 36.5
Day 19: 36.4
Day 20: 36.5

Any help or advice would be amazing.

Thanks x
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My chart did this exact thing a couple cycles ago. I had a positive OPK though so I'm pretty sure I ovulated. I wasn't sure what it was either but I researched and found that some women have what is called a "fallback rise" where their temp will spike for ovulation, only to dip back down dramatically and then make it's way back up. So maybe it could just be that. Good luck!!
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