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BFP and my symptoms... what everyone wants to know! :o)
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BFP and my symptoms... what everyone wants to know! :o)

Since several of you have inquired about my symptoms after getting my BFP Friday, I decided to post my little log for those of you who want to obsess about your own symptoms.  :o)

I did my first round of injectables and my first IUI this cycle.  I had done 5 rounds of clomid in the past, unsuccessfully.  I then had a lap and found out I had endo in addition to PCOS, so this was the first official attempt since my surgery removing the endo.  They aren't very exciting, and most of my symptoms could be attributed to the Prometrium that I'm on, but I'll let you all take a look anyway.

2 dpiui - hyperstimulated  (bloated and uncomfortable), breasts hurt VERY bad

3 dpiui - started promethium, hyper stimulated, breasts hurt VERY bad

4 dpiui - felt nauseous  when up in the middle of the night , had insomnia, hyperstimulated, breasts hurt VERY bad

5 dpiui - got nauseous while out shopping - had to hurry home but was fine by the time I got home, hyperstimulation starting to feel a TINY bit better, breasts hurt VERY bad

6 dpiui - bad heartburn/reflux (unusual for me), hyperstimulation very uncomfortable today, breasts tender but milder than before

7dpiui -  feeling better physically, but a little emotionally unstable.  Boobs are pointy? and much bigger! Happened overnight! Having real cramps - not pain from hyperstim - continued all night

8 dpiui -  pretty good throughout the day but cramps came back a little tonight - also had some "funky pains" - not quite stabbing, but painful.  Cramps not quite as bad as last night.  Boobs are still large and tonight REALLY started hurting again like they did after the trigger shot

Got some pains at bedtime centered and on right side of uterus (def. not ovaries or reg. cramps).  Couldn't sleep

9 dpiui - Last night - bad dream - couldn't sleep.  regular cramps starting around 4pm.  So far breasts are still big, but only tender when pressed (no nipple burn yet). Ate a salad and shortly after had diarrhea, then got dizzy and nauseous.  Felt better after a couple hours

10 dpiui - definitely some af cramps… I think it’s comin

11 dpiui - got really bad cramps and started really pms'ing, feeling like af was coming.  Started crying and progressively felt more and more out of control like something hit me with a ton of bricks - also had weird pains that almost felt like coming from left fallopian tube.  Took two tylenol which did not take away pain - had lower back pain and couldn't get comfy.  Couldn’t sleep.  Smell definitely sensitive.

12 dpiui - woke up this morning to one of my "imaginary lines" - David says he saw it too!  Could it be?

13 dpiui - beta was 9.0!!!   It's early so I go back Monday to retest.  didn't sleep well.  boobs not very tender.  some cramps.  Smell thing still happening.

14 dpiui - started bleeding around 3:30pm.  First wipe was substantially more that spotting (filled tp twice), but didn't even come out in my underwear.  It was also red at first.  Subsided pretty immediately and came and went again after a couple hours.  Took extra suppository just in case.  Since then it's gone back and forth from mostly brownish to occassionally red.  Seems to be red after bm.  Having cramps too.  Felt queazy before bed.  Fri night I woke up at 5am, was up til 8:30ish, slept til 10:30 and couldn't nap all day.   Breasts not too tender

15 dpiui - Finally a BFP on my FRER this am.  Very light - but there.  Still spotting, bled some overnight, but nothing when I wiped first thing this morning.  Crampy and spotting mostly brown now.  Slept 12:30-6:30 but was able to nap from 10:30am-1:30pm.  Breasts not very tender.  Smell thing definitely happening still.  Tried to have just a quarter cup of coffee - took 3 sips and was nauseous - couldn't drink it.

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uh, that's obviously prometRium that I started at 3 dpiui! :o)
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