Can i get pregnant?
by Rimiiii, Apr 10, 2012
Hi, my husband just had a semen analysis, he has a very high sperm count of 195 million/ml, however the highly progressive are 25%, the moderately progressive are 10% and the sluggish motility are 20%.the motile in place are 5 and nonmotile are 40%. normal forms 90% and abnormal 10%. Is his fertility good enough to get me pregnant with the above results?

Thank you,
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by TTC2006, Apr 10, 2012
I would say that yes, you can conceive naturally with those SA numbers.   His count is great, and should help cancel out any motility issues, though 25% highly progressive is still not that bad.  How long have you been trying?

If he is willing, get him taking some vitamins and minerals, vitamin C and E, zinc, selenium and l-carnitine.  As well, make sure that he stays away from hot tubs and limits his alcohol intake.  If he smokes, quitting can help.

Good Luck!