Can straining because of constipation risk embryos falling out after transfer?
by PPam, Nov 19, 2008
I had embryo transfer on Monday morning (day 2) and was severley constipated that evening. As a result I strained during bowel movements. Now I'm scared I may have accidentally pushed out the two embryos! Is this possible or are they secure once in the womb? I know they can't fall out through sneezing etc. but can severe pushing actually push them out?  
Once they are in the womb do they embed in the lining (embed, not implant)...can they move about?
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by kikicoates78, Nov 19, 2008
They can't fall out! Your cervix is closed up tight! :) I wouldn't say straining is the best thing for implantation, but they wont fall out. I am 16 weeks and have been severely constipated from day one, and all is still going well. Good luck keep us posted on the transfer! We love success stories! Good Luck ((HUGS))
by PPam, Nov 19, 2008
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Did you conceive naturally?
I have heard that they can't fall out but wasn't sure as I would have thought that the same kind of pushing, eventually pushes a baby out from the womb! Silly I know, but as I'm new to this, I just need peace of mind. I was told that lactulose is okay to take, but not ideal, so am in two minds about just bearing the problem or taking something for it, as I don't want any adverse effects on implantation. Did you take anything?
Thanks and all the best x
by kikicoates78, Nov 19, 2008
Well, LOL when you are pushing baby out that cervix is dialated to 10! HEHE I understand your concearn though! Thank you, It was actually all natural, we had 6 failed IUI, we never did fertility meds though all natural IUI cycles, we were a month before IVF proceedings, during a monitoring month :) We were truly blessed. We had been TTC for 5 years so it was definately our time! AND we saved a fortune :) You can take miralax, and metamucil, and fiborcon I think, I did not take anything, all that stuff tends to hurt my belly and cause worse cramps than the constipation! Well you are probly taking pre-natals that will cause it everytime! With me now being in my 2nd tri-mester I decided to start taking flinstone chewables so they aren't so hard on me!
by PPam, Nov 19, 2008
Ah dilation! That skipped my mind altogether - think I need an idiot's guide to pregnancy :-)
Thanks for your advice and good luck!
by lmcrt, Nov 19, 2008
I am in the same boat as you I also had ET on Monday morning and have been extremely bloated and constipated since, very uncomfortable. I was told to start using metamucil daily and gycerin suppositories. The metamucil wasn't working so I did use the suppository with a little success. TMI 3 hard sized golf balls came out and that was it. Also I've seen on here alot to drink lots of gatorade so I did that as well and it seemed to help as well. Good luck to you
by PPam, Nov 19, 2008
Hey it's reassuring to hear I'm not alone. Although the clinic did warn me about constipation, i never thought it's be half as bad! I also had the golf bowl syndrome on Monday night! lol. I can laugh now, but it took me 20 painful mins and I was so scared for my two embies - praying they hadn't been pushed out. I had a day 2 transfer and know that implantation happens after 5, so where would the embies be resting in this time?? This is what scared me...but I think they rest in the folds of the womb lining, until they are able to implant at blasto stage.
I havent taken anything yet and am waiting to see how it goes. If it continues though, I may have to. I am drinking lots of fluids now and eating weetabix....Good luck and fingers crossed we both get BFPs!
by lori0615, Nov 19, 2008
i don't know about you girls but if I drink apple juice i will lose my constipation. You might want to try that. I drink about 16 oz of apple juice.

I also use the apple juice when my son is constipated seems to work for him too.
by skipili, Nov 19, 2008
I had a hard time pooing too. My mom is an RN and suggested warm prune juice. They call it a warm brown cow and use it for constipated patients at the hospital . It worked for me and my OB said it was ok and better than over the counter remedies. It doesn't taste too good but it does the trick.


by alaskacouple, Nov 19, 2008
I too had the same issue with all of my ivf's (constipation from ivf meds and prenatals ).... I was told by a friend to take all my vitamins and pills with a glass of o.j. - it seemed to help.
Also, I eat real oatmeal in the morning with some frozen blueberries thrown in... .
I also try to eat a thing of yogurt a day, mixed with a little granola and raisins....
not sure which of these was 'the cure' but the combo seams to work great!!!