Cramping post embryo transfer during 2 week wait
by AnnieFL, May 08, 2009
Hello, I am new to this Web Site and after reading about post embryo transfer cramps versus no cramps or no symtoms at all...if anyone can send me a message if they did get cramping after their transfer and if indeed you got a BFP!  If so, what were your symptoms if you don't mind sharing them with me.  I am in the 2WW post transfer on day 8 now and I am very nervous about it not working because we struggled to come up with the money and we won't be able to do it again.  I have a 10 yr old beautiful daughter who is Autistic and we have been trying to give her a sibbling for the past 6 or 7 years but no such luck.  We had not tried IVF before, this is our First Cycle.  I had 3 embryos transferred on day 3 about 8 days ago and have had some strong cramping for about 2 days and now light off and on cramping.  Does anyone have some encouraging words or success stories that you can share?  Hoping to hear from you, this site seems like a great place to make friends, share information and help each through...Take Care everyone!
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by 40smama, May 09, 2009
I got cramping on the 2nd and 3rd day after my transfer.  I then felt very bloated until my hpt.  I did get pregnant & delivered a healthy baby boy last April (2008).  When the cramping subsided, I was convinced I wasn't pregnant & when the beta came back w/good numbers, I was floored!

I hope you get your BFP this cycle - I personally think the cramping is a good sign but I'm not a doctor either.  Lots of women on this site have experienced cramps and have gotten their BFP's.

I wish you all the best!!  Keep us posted - jen
by toni75, May 09, 2009
I had my transfer done six days ago and I am also having cramps since yesterday and bloated feeling as well.  I am trying to stay hopeful that it is not my period coming, but the implantation process.
by daisy198, May 09, 2009
Do you think it feels different to you normal period cramps? Mine are more subtle and tingerly but deffinately sharp. Im on my first cycle day 5p ET im Anxious i actually did a test this am it showed negative but im hopeful for the 17th which is test day and day 13.....???
by AnnieFL, May 09, 2009
Hello Jen,

Thanks for responding to my message.  This was my first time on this site.  I appreciate your encouragement.  It seems that alot of the people that get a BFP usually even though not always get some cramping.  By the way, what does Beta mean? Since I am new to this I don't really know most the of the terms.  I'm glad that you were able to have your little boy, what joy and happiness...I can still remember when my 11 yr old was little, it was really fun.  One last question, since you've been through this process.  Because of it being Mother's Day tomorrow I am tempted to do a HPT.  Tomorrow will be day 10 post transfer.  Do you think it would be accurate or do you think I should do that at all?  The doctor said not to but my blood test is not unitl Wednesday and the anticipation is killing me.  I know you understand cause you've somewhat been in my shoes.  Anyhow, I hope you have a Wonderful and Blessed Mother's Day tomorrow!   Take Care, Annie
by AnnieFL, May 09, 2009
Hi there, yes I think the cramps are similar but I had some tingly or fluttering feeling (like butterflies) yesterday and the day before...but then it could be my nerves.  I don't feel the usual headache I get when my period is coming and I also feel some slight backache or like cramp feeling on my lower back.  I would also say my hips hurt a little too.  Who knows.... As for testing, I think from what I've read that the earliest you can do a HPT is about from 9 to 10 days post transfer.  I just sent a message to 40smama that's been through this before and I hope to see her response soon.  Take Care, Annie.
by anetski, May 09, 2009
When we did IVF last year I had AF cramping. For days before and on the blood test day I kept going to the toilet as I was sure my AF had arrived. I ended up getting a BFP and I have a son now. I couldn't believe it as IUI's hadn't worked and all that crampoing mad me convinced it hadn't worked.

Good luck!!!!!
by AnnieFL, May 09, 2009
Hello, thanks for responding to my message.  I see that you're in Australia, wow that's pretty amazing...I live all the way in Florida, USA.  Congratulations, what a beautiful baby, such a blessing.  I'm glad to know that cramps can lead to a BFP, that really gives me hope.  I was wondering, did you ever do a Home Pregnancy Test before the Blood Work?  An if you did, how many days past IVF procedure date and did you get a positive?  Hope to hear from you.

Take Care, Annie
by 40smama, May 11, 2009
annie - I plan on answering your pm as soon as I'm done w/this post.  The beta's the blood pregnancy test where the hormone hcg is measured to see how high it is.  About whether to test or not - since you had a day 3 transfer, I would think it's too early as you don't test until day 14.  I had a five day transfer which is a little different - since we transfer later, we test earlier.  Really at the same time - it's just that the embryos develop in the lab longer so we test at day 10.  

I would wait a few more days to give the embryos a chance to implant - don't lose hope!! - :-)) - jen
by Ella598, May 25, 2009
Its is really nice to have someone to talk to about this. I had my embryo transfer 6 days ago too, and i have started to experience some mile pains in the RHS at the bottom of the tummy. Wonder if thats normal and if it means anything,. Has anyone had that?