Hernia Surgey/chances of having a child
by Jessica9804, Aug 29, 2007
im not too sure if my questions fits under the "reproductive health" topic...i might go with infertility,
anyways i have a quick question i HOPE you can answer.
My husband has had 3 hernia surgry's(one from carrying too much weight in iraq one when he was younger and one when came home from iraq) on his testicals (two on the right and one on the left) we've tried numerous times to try and get pregant but nothing is happening,.....we're getting really worried ive suggested to him to go get a sperm count done but he refuses because he fears the worst (that he has no active sperm)
My question is what are the chances of reproducing and how low could he possibly be and is there anything me and him can do too re-vive or make his little guys stronger, now ive heard dont smoke drink do drugs and all that buisness and my husband is a smoker and drinker but is there anything we can do besides that?.
please help.
thank you

Jessica Jean
Fort.Campbell Ky.
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by pcarsey, Aug 29, 2007
Tell him not to worry and have the test done, My husband had a hernia in his testicle and had to have surgery but no insurance at the time, so he actually had to keep pushing it back up in there and live with the pain until he could save up enough money to have the surgery and pay cash, He had it and every now and then when he coughs he has some pain down there but says he isn't worried about it. Then I had a tubal reversal by a Doctor in Kentucky actually, and he is ABSOLUTELY wonderful with all this fertility/infertility/pregnancy stuff. He tested his sperm count before my surgery *some things they have to do* and it came back great! I got pregnant right away. I unfortunately lost it in May due to a tubal pregnancy, which had nothing to do with my husband. It's no big deal having it done, you can do the test at home as long as you can get it to the lab within a half hour and keep it warm. That's what my husband did, and if you want a baby bad enough and he does the same then you will go through anything and do anything to make sure you are in the clear. First rule out the positives before the negatives.. It's no big deal really.
I wish you the best.   ~Patty
by kellym, Aug 30, 2007
My husband has had hernia surgery on his testies too! I have been pregnant 3 times (one child) so I think his department works :) Good Luck!
by HippieLou, Jan 16, 2009

I am a 25 year old woman w/2 lovely children.  I have had a inguinal hernia for the past five years that had been misdiagnosed by a doctor I was going to.  My question is that I have been trying to conceive for the last 3 years.  Does anyone know if having a hernia can cause infertility?  
by Lawrence1989, May 03, 2010
My brother, 13 years old, has hernia and has to be operated by this week. What im concerned is that he might lose his fertility after the surgery. I hope that his surgery will be successful and gets rid of the hernia (and the pain complains) without damaging any other parts that might lose its function to produce sperm. My question is, is it really true that hernia is congenital? or is it because of weakening of the abd. wall or like carrying heavy loads that weakened it? my brother does not carry heavy loads though. Hes not even fat or slim, he just has a regular 13 year old body. And if the surgery causes blockage or something (which i hope not), can it still be treated? I've seached the internet but some links i cannot go in as the computer said because of my location (Cebu, Philippines), i hope i can get some answers from you guys. Thanks.
by Tentori, Jul 27, 2010
I was born with a double-hernia when they used metallic stitches, not a mesh.  Since that time I have had two right inquinal hernias and a left inquinal hernias (the final surgeries they used a patch).  The first time I busted it caused the sutures to shatter, which did cause lymph damage.  That is a bit off topic though.  From the initial surgery done 4 months after my birth the surgeon dropped, what I think, too much of the cord attached to my testicles.  I have tried for 20 years for children and never could have one, though the women were quite fertile.  My current wife suggested a fertility test.  I attempted to get one and they went through the routine of checking for STDs and giving me sulfa pills which I am allergic to.  I think there is some truth behind hernias and infertility.  Most of what I read deal with grown up men, not men who were operated on near their birth.