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High sperm count and low motility
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High sperm count and low motility

Hi, my husband just had a semen analysis, he has a very high sperm count of 221 million/ml, however the motiltiy is only 21%, but also he still have infection (Pus cells=20-25). Is his fertility good enough to get me pregnant with the above results?

Thank you, Mary
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Mary, Anything is possible... My dh has same problem as your dh... and i am 13 weeks pregnant.

there are a few things that can cause a low sperm motility:smoking, alcohol, not having a healthy diet and not to make a proper exercises.

To improve your husband needs to take care of himself... eat healthy diet, regular exercise, cut down alcohol if he is a drinker,

Here are some facts that might help:

1. Ginger helps to improve sperm motility and increase sperm count.
2. No Drugs - such as Zantac.
3. Cut Out Certain Foods - avoid canned or processed foods like deli meats, ham bacon, and Salomi as in pizza.
4. Take Vitamins
     Vitamin C: Makes sperm more mobile. Take about 2000mg to 6000mg daily.
     Vitamin E: Increases sperm count and carries oxygen to the sex organs.
     Zinc: Increases sperm count. Only take about 80mg daily.
5. Stay Stress Free
6. Eliminate Heat - Wear boxer shorts instead of briefs so the testicles can breathe.    Also stay away from hot baths and hot showers.
7. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in antioxidants, which may help improve sperm health.
8. Watch the body weight - under or over does cause the infertility
9. Watch out for toxins. Experts think certain workplace and household substances might have an effect on sperm quantity and quality.
10. Eat high level protein, like roast or BBQ chicken, roast beef, steak or fish.
Eat fresh vegetables, cooked or raw, like Caesar salad with romaine lettus, and eat more fresh fruit daily like oranges, bananas.

Here is the website about the male infertility drugs:


I hope this will help....

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Thanks BabyBlue and much appreciated.

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