How soon can you get pregnant after removal of mirena coil?
by little_hippie, Oct 13, 2009
Hi, I had my Mirena coil taken out on 30th sep, 12 days ago and i was wondering how long after would it be that i could possibly become pregnant?? My period was  ment to start on the 7th oct but it hasnt, is this due to the removel of the coil or is there a chance i could be pregnant??
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by Baby4me70, Oct 13, 2009
You could be pregnant now!  Let us know....
by little_hippie, Oct 13, 2009
I have done a home test to see and it said not pregnant! but my body seems to be saying it is!? so thats why i was wondering if the removal of the coil might have something to do with the late period or not, im off to see my own GP to see what he can tell me
by baby2929, Nov 21, 2009
I had my coil removed on 3rd Nov 09, I think Im having my period just now, cramps ect.... It was very light for three days then brown like end period, then today like a normal period. My partner and I are desperate for baby. Does anyone know how long this might take?
by eddiblair, Nov 21, 2009
Hi ladies!

My Mirena actually came out on it's own on Oct 26. Before it came out we were planning on taking it out in January and start ttc. Well, it came out with my period. We decided just for fun to start trying. TWO WEEKS LATER...I JUST GOT A BFP THIS MORNING!  :)

So I do know it doesn't take any time at all. I think the doctors say to wait one cycle, but it can definetely happen after you have one period, or if you are on your period when it's taken out.
Good luck to y'all.
by eddiblair, Nov 21, 2009
Wait, let me correct that statement. Okay Mirena came out on OCT 26, two weeks later I ovulated, and 2 weeks after that I got a BFP..sorry for the confusion. The point is...the baby was made 2 weeks after it came out.
by baby2929, Dec 05, 2009
Thank you for letting me know how quickly it happened for you. So pleased for you. I hope all goes well with pregnancy. I hope it happens quickly for us also. We really want a baby together. Been togethe 5yrs and I have an 8yr old from a previous relationship. This would really complete our family.
I don't know when to take my last period from. It started very light, only on toilet paper , on 17th Nov then had proper bleeding from 21st Nov. If 17th my ovulation would have been 1st Dec and we had intercourse 3 days before and on day. If 21st Nov, my ovulation date is today. Had intercourse yesterday and prob will today. I have been getting period like symptoms already though. Lower back pain, cramps on and off, headaches, slight nausea, but unusually heartburn. I never get heartburn. Thats new and so sore. Sympathy to anyone who suffers regular.
All and any advice welcome.

Baby dust to all ttc xx
by little_hippie, Dec 12, 2009
Well its been about 3 months since i have my coil removed and i found out a few days ago that im about 6 weeks pregnant!! didnt take long! i see my midwife in a few days to find out dats and what not!
by baby2929, Jan 26, 2010
I had my coil removed on November 3rd, my partner and I have been trying for a baby since. This will be the 4th atempt since. We are following all online advice. My period has been slightly irregular ranging from 27-31 days. So we use ovulation dates for them all. We try from two days before 27 day ovulation due right through to two days after 31 day ovulation due. We try to have sex in the morning when the sperm count is supposed to be highest, we always end with man on top or side by side then elevate hips for approx 20mins after. These are all tips we have read. We both stay off alcohol during "trying time" and have changed our diets slightly. Both our BMI are fine and I have been pregnant before although lost the baby so know were both fine. Every month wen my period arrives I cood cry. Does ANYONE have any further tips? All would be welcome, we want this so much, it would complete our family as I already have an 8 year old from a previous relationship.

Baby dust to all ttc, xx
by Desiree8, Jan 27, 2010
Sorry to hear you going through all of that. I have six children and i am 31. Some advice, try taking evening primerose oil(got mine from CVS),try vitex(chasteberry from the vitamin shop or GNC),and also order some pre-seed from early-pregnancy-tests.com it comes with free test too. If i can help any futher drop me a note anytime, i accept friends!