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I cant concieve(conceive)
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I cant concieve(conceive)

Im 22 years years old and me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now but its just not happening. We are doing all the right things having sex at the right time of the month, earting 5 a day stopped drinking and eating takeawys. Taking all the right vitamins but its just not happening. When I was 15 I was raped and my parents made sure I had a abortion. Now im really worried that this has somehow messed with my chances of concieving. If I could get pregnant then after that then why not now. Everyone seems to be getting pregnant apart from me. My sister in law has just got preganant and is due in april, im really happy for them but why not us.  Any advice would be appreciated.
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Are you charting dear? You need to be charting your temperature every morning in order to track ovulation. I recommend picking up "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. It is a very informative book and will teach you how to chart accurately.
Most healthy couples will conceive within a year.
I am very sorry that happened to you. I wouldn't read anything into it -fertility wise- just yet.
Chart your cycles- make sure you're ovulating.
TTC is a time consuming and frustrating process. I have been TTC for 7 years with one tubal pregnancy 4 years ago. If I can hang in there- so can you! =o)
Good luck to you guys! Lots of Baby Dust!
Avatar n tn
I would go see an RE who can make sure that everything is in "good working order" :-)
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One of my friends had an abortion when she was 18.  11 years later she delivered a healthy baby boy.  I'm sorry for what happened and what you're going through now.  I saw what it did to my friend and it was hard, so I sympathize.  Try not to stress about why you're not getting pg because chances are your timing is a little off and not that you can't have kids.  I second the Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  A friend of mine just gave me the book the other day and it's amazing.  I learned so much in just a few chapters and it makes what's going on with my body, my cycle and what I need to do make so much sense.  And definitely chart your temp at the same time every morning.  That way you can be sure of when you're ovulating.  It will take a couple of cycles to see a pattern but it's well worth.  Good luck!
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I say just be patient it will happen. It took a couple of my friends a year to concieve (conceive) and they are normal and healthy. It just takes time. I third on the book taking charge of your fertility. I read it. Now if your have been trying for a year then I would talk about seeing a RE.
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im in the same boat but we have been trying for a yr and 8 months.... take the ovulating tests every month and do everything right..... Go see a dr... i just saw one last wk... they did blood work on me to check hormone levels and sperm test for my husband.... we find out the results this week... if everything is normal they say there are lots more tests they could do on the female.... like check if your tubes are open or have scar tissue..... everyone also says that as soon as you stop thinking about it then somehow it will happen.... but easier said then done.... i havnt been able to stop thinking about it. Good luck!!
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I have a cousin who had like 3 abortions and she is now married with 3  healthy children,so dont woory about that...its all in Gods timing.
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