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Hey girls ~ was told yesterday that having Prometrium prescribed as a suppository was ludicrous ~ that Crinone Gel is mega better and sticks as opposed to the Prometrium which just drips out "because it was made to be taken orally ~ not vaginally ~ and anyone who suggests it is just playing with being a Fertilization Specialist"....makes sense since my Pharmacist was laughing about it being prescribed for me months ago ~ saying he'd NEVER heard of it before ~ and "are you sure it's supposed to be used as a suppository..?"......

ugghhhem....CORRECT ANSWER: ............................NO...................................

.....wish I had known that months ago ~ just thought you girls should know....
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Thats interesting b/c my RE prescribed it to me jus to cover all of the bases.  Maybe b/c I didn't really need it, thats why prometrium was given to me????

Thanks for sharing!
~Not a prob ~ don't know really why they prescribe it as a suppository instead of Crinone ~ see it all over the web ~ then searched for info on Crinone ~ it's got quite a good review ~ especially the birth defect part ~ ..as such:

Advantages of Crinone 8%

Crinone 8% provides effective progesterone support for implantation and pregnancy. In addition, Crinone 8% offers benefits when compared with other forms of progesterone.

When a woman uses Crinone 8% for progesterone supplementation, she receives:

A natural form of progesterone
An easy, once-a-day application
Progesterone absorbed right where it’s needed—in the uterus
A form of progesterone that is preferred by women over vaginally administered capsules, progesterone vaginal suppositories, and progesterone intramuscular injections
10 years of clinically proven results
Crinone 8% is a natural progesterone

The progesterone in Crinone 8% is identical to progesterone produced by the ovaries. It is derived from a plant source.

Doctors generally prescribe natural progesterone for pregnancy support. Some forms of synthetic progesterone can cause the development of male characteristics, including increased body hair and larger muscle mass. In addition, some forms of synthetic progesterone are known to cause birth defects and others may be toxic to the fetus.

With Crinone 8%, women can be assured that they are receiving natural progesterone supplementation that is safe for them as well as their developing baby.

Crinone 8% has an easy, once-a-day application
Crinone 8% is convenient—only 1 dose once a day, preferably in the morning
Crinone 8% is easy to use—the applicator is specially designed with a smooth rounded tip, similar to a tampon, which allows for a comfortable application of progesterone into the vagina
Crinone 8% delivers progesterone right where it’s needed

Crinone 8% comes as a unique bioadhesive gel that adheres to the lining of the vagina and steadily releases progesterone throughout the day. Applying Crinone 8% in the vagina ensures progesterone is transported directly to the uterus.

Crinone 8% is preferred by women

In several clinical studies, women undergoing infertility treatment consistently preferred Crinone 8% over progesterone capsules administered vaginally, progesterone vaginal suppositories, and progesterone intramuscular injections.

Preferred versus capsules administered vaginally
85% of women preferred Crinone 8%
More women found Crinone 8% easier to administer, more convenient, and less messy
Crinone 8% is dosed once a day, vaginally administered capsules are dosed multiple times per day

Preferred versus vaginal suppositories
87% of women preferred Crinone 8%
Women found Crinone 8% less messy
Women preferred once-a-day dosing with Crinone 8% versus multiple doses per day with vaginal suppositories
Preferred versus intramuscular injections
84% preferred Crinone 8%
94% of women found Crinone 8% easier to use
Women reported that Crinone 8% has fewer discomforts and is easier to use, less painful, and less time-consuming
10 years of clinically proven results

Crinone 8% is the first progesterone approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use during infertility treatments in women with progesterone deficiencies. Over the past decade, tens of thousands of women have used Crinone 8%. Nearly 35 million doses of Crinone 8% have been prescribed.

Through the years, Crinone 8% has been proven to be equally effective as other forms of progesterone, including intramuscular injections, while remaining easier to administer, more convenient, less messy, and less painful.

Therefore, women who use Crinone 8% can be assured that they are receiving an FDA approved, natural, effective, easy-to-use, once daily progesterone that is overwhelmingly preferred by fellow patients.
My RE prescribed prometrium vaginally as well, and when I picked it up at the pharmacy and noticed it's the same as the oral capsules, I asked the pharmacists about it. She said it's totally normal to use it as a suppository. I also had no problems with it coming back out, as I took it right before bed, so it had all night to absorb (then some would come out as I got up in the morning (used a pantyliner)...sorry TMI).

I'm not familiar with crinone, but I have taken prometrium orally before, and I sooo prefer it as a suppository. Orally made me extremey dizzy....vaginally, not at all. Plus, orally the progesterone has to go through the liver, which removes some of the effectiveness, while as a suppository, it delivers the progesterone where it is needed.

Who told you it was ludicrous to use prometrium as a suppository? I am very happy with my new RE, and I totally trust his judgement...
My new RE did ~ he's really nice ~ and hopefully he's helped me get BFP ~ will find out on Tuesday for sure ~
I'm surprised he would say that, since it is after all a progesterone supplement...but maybe it depends on how much progesterone you need. I'm on femara and have had a very good progesterone number when testing in the past (not using any supplements), but this time he gave me prometrium to up my chances...just in case. Maybe if you have a low number to begin with, crinone works better. Good luck on Tuesday!
~Thanks ~ a little nervous ~ others on here told me to POAS, but am scared the Crinone would give a false negative too ~ so am just gona wait it out ~ camly....!!
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