SHOCKED, accidently took clomid while already pregnant...
by mariah223, Oct 31, 2012
I just finished a round of clomid, and so that means I must have conceived the LAST time I was on clomid...if this pregnancy is a success...will this last round of clomid be harmful to my baby???? My progesterone is only a 6 though and the nurse didn't sound too convincing that this would go smoothly. I have faith, but now am paranoid about the clomid I was taking while not knowing I was actually pregnant...anyone have this happen to them??

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by Arti Sharma, M.D.Blank, Nov 19, 2012
Hi there,
According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Clomid has been classified as a pregnancy category X drug. It should not be taken during pregnancy as it can lead to birth defects. However there have been no clinical trials studied on taking Clomid in pregnant women. You have taken this drug unintentionally and in early stages. Whether it will cause harm or not should be discussed with your gynecologist. Do not worry. Keep me posted.
Take care and regards!
by ourdestiny, Nov 19, 2012
I'm doing a cycle of Lupron now and even though they did do a blood work before and it came back that I ovulated I always had that concern. What if I'm pregnant? I did have that feeling last month for some reason, but again when we are ttc is easy to have those symptoms. Best of luck to you, I can only imagine what you're going true :(