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Second IVF cycle failed
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Second IVF cycle failed

I am 34 yeas old and trying to conceive through IVF as my tubes were damaged due to Endometriosis. Early this year my first IVF cycle failed. Doctor suggested to remove the tubes. We underwent the procedure and took few months break before going for the 2nd IVF cycle.

Yesterday, my 2nd IVF cycle also failed. Needless to say, how I feel. I am trying to analyze what went wrong. I adhered to all the instructions that were provided by the doctor and took all the precaution.

During first ivf cycle only 4 eggs were retrieved and only one could make it. We had a one good quality embryo.

During the second ivf cycle 12 eggs retrieved, but only two could make it. Those two eggs fertilized in a good quality embryos.

- I am wondering why I had only 4 and 12 eggs. Is there a way I can increase the number of eggs?
   Also, out of 12 why only two could make it. Why am I not producing good quality egg. Is there a way I can improve my quality of my eggs?
- Should my husband again go for the sperm quality check?
- If embryos were of good quality why doctors did not do 5 day transfer? Also, if embryos are of good quality that why they  not implant?
- Should I go for hysterscopy to check if I suffer from Intrauterine adhesions or have any other issues with uterus?
- Should climbing stairs and driving be completely avoided during two week wait period?

Before going for the third IVF,I want to understand why embryo did not implant. When I did everything doctor asked me to do and it did not work, I dont see any reason why third time will be successful.

Is there anyone sailing in the same boat as I am.. I hope not but if someone is going through the same situation or has any information, please share..
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it just a simple answer for all your question (its not your turn yet ) dont lose faith and pray that god will give us our chance soon .
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Hi,  I am sorry about your IVFs , I know how you feel , I have been there. 2 failed IVF, 42y/o ttc for 2years.  I am 4 weeks pregnant today in a natural way ( no clomids, no pills, no ivf, icsi...just natural way)

  IVF is to help you to get the embryo but it wont help you to get him attach

the attachment to your uterus is a natural process..only god can! and this is why they placed the embryo in your uterus hoping to get attach and that is the waiting days

Good luck.
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They might be able to stimulate you with a higher hormone level, to trigger more eggs.  I would talk to them about this.  It will not change the quality, but having a greater quantity will increase the chances that one or two more make it through and are good quality.  They probably transferred the eggs at day 3 because they wanted the eggs to have the support of the uterine environment.  When the numbers of eggs are not super high and some eggs are falling away every day, clinics will do that.  I would ask about the stimulation question, and ask that they not be conservative there.
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I would definitely talk to your dr about some of these questions.3 day vs 5 day transfer etc. Definitely get every test needed before a 3rd IVF - check uterus, egg quality test, FSH etc etc. If you had endometriosis on/in tubes - it's highly likely you might have it in the uterus as well. how was the endo found on your tubes?

In terms of producing better eggs, try following a healthy regime for a while. eat organic, fresh foods - non processed.  take your prenatals and other essential vitamins,exercise.

You can definitely drive and climb stairs during your 2 ww. I think the only thing my dr said was don't do anything the day of transfer or the day after but i have known others to not do that and still get pregnant so it's all a choice.

good luck!!
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