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Semen analysis report...HELP
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Semen analysis report...HELP

My husband had a semen analysis done (through the local hospital) and his va doctor doesn't know how to read it. I cant read it. The first line of data is his and after the / is the "range and units";

volume, semen    3.8 / 2ml or more
count                  49 / 20 million/ml or more
motility%             64 / 50% or more
total motile          119 / 20 million or more
forward progr        2.5 / 2 - 4
viscosity, semen  1 / 1 - 2
ph, semen           8/ 7.2
norm morphol%    10 (A)/ 30% or more
round cells           4/ hpf

I've been all over the internet looking for examples but they dont all read the same way.
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volumes between 1.0 mL and 6.5 mL are normal
average sperm count is around 60 million per milliliter
motility% above 60% is normal
total motile at least 8 million per millilitre

You know I'll just give you a pdf link that will give you all normal range results :o)

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