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So confused and ttc 2nd dc
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So confused and ttc 2nd dc

I started ttc my 2nd dc in August 07 however as soon as I started my AF went wacky and was absent for 3 months.
I carried out loads of pregnancy tests and they were all negative.
A blood hormone test to determine the reaon for absent af revealed that I had a underactive thyroid and a high fsh although I never knew to ask at the time how high.
My doctor thought that probably my absent af and the high fsh was down to the thyroid.

I was started on thyroxine and af returned in December  with a 33 day cycle and then a 23 day cycle.
I am now on cd 38 and no sign of af again prompting me again to carry out several pregancy tests all negative.

I have since been for another thyroid test at my doctors and tsh is now normal.
However I am still not feeling right in myself with symptoms such as racing heart, feeling tired, and headachey, also I am getting too hot on occasions with warm feeling in face as well.

My doctor doesn't think I am menopausel as a latest fsh test showed it as 7 which is okay.
I asked my doctor if that is a definate indicator that I am not and he said it is.

On explaining to him that I still don,t feel right at times with the symptoms I have described he has booked me in for a glucose blood test.

Also I am to have a scan on the ovaries due to irregular af which he says could be caused by polycystic ovaries.

I am sorry I know I am rambling and this seems rather long but I am just so fed up all that I know is that I want to be pregnant sooner rather than later as I am 37.

Also family who I have spoken to tell me that my symptoms sound like the menopause they are not aware I am ttc.
Members of my family went through menopause at between the ages of 38 and 40.

I am worried to death I won,t be able to concieve (conceive).
I know there isn't much that poeple on here can do but any support would be great.

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I know all of this can be overwhelming and frustrating. Negative feedback from family members who don't know doesn't help either. I think the best thing to do is continue to investigate with the doctors as they know best and they can help you get to the root of the problem, which is the first step. Keep tracking your symptoms and your body too and don't be afraid to push doctors for more testing...remember you know your body best! Make sure you let your doctors know your family members/history of going through the menopause early that way they can keep an eye out for that and catch early signs. Also try to keep positive attitude...I know its so hard, I think you will feel a bit better after talking to more people on here they are really encouraging. I wish you the best of luck ttc. and if you need to use this site to vent its great too:) I vent all the time on here and feel much better after.
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