Sucess stories with low sperm count and achieving pregnancy without IUI of IVF
by tinkerbell101, May 27, 2009

I would like to know if anyone has any inspiring stories regarding pregnancy with a low sperm count to give me some hope!!!! We have been TTC for around 4.5 years, I managed to fall pregnant last year but had a M/C at 14 weeks. Since then we have been trying again but so far not even a whiff of a BFP. I am growing more despondant with each month that goes past. I live in the UK and have 2 older children from a previous marriage and a 5 year old son with my partner. I went for help with TTC after the last M/C but the GP was not interested so went private. The private fertility clinic perscribed me with clomid as I was ovulating too early in my cycle and also informed us that my partners S/A was a low on all 3 factors.

I recently went back to my dr to see if now a year has passed since my M/C if they would offer any help. They have repeated all the tests FSH, HDG, 21 day bloods, repeated scans etc and mine all came back fine (apart from the above issue) however my partner's came back low/abnormal again.

We have been told that without IUI or IVF achieving a pregnancy is not impossible but unlikely. We don't qualify for help on the NHS for IUI or IVF as we already have a child together so the only other option is private which is far too much money and not something that we can afford :(

The advice the GP gave was to adopt/maintain a healthy lifestyle which we already have (no drinking smoking and to stay fit) we both are very active and fit and neither smoke or drink! I also always chart my cyles, use OPKs and CB fertility monitor so know we hit the right days.... the past few cyles we have been abstaining for 2 days prior to the OPK+ to try and increase the sperm count. We use pre-seed, & I take EPO and take care of myself by drinking green tea, lots of water, cutting out caffiene etc etc...... I also take folic acid and magnesium and my partner takes zinc and vit c supplements and makes sure no alcohol around O time.....

I feel like giving up at the moment - I can't bear to see another BFN and feel like I don't have the strength to carry on as it all seems so pointess. Has anyone been in a similar situation and managed to have a sucessful pregnancy?
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by LisaRG, May 27, 2009
I am following your story and I hate to see you so upset.
First off - low sperm does not mean NO sperm and it only takes one of those swimmers to get pregnant.
Stress is not going to help you now, try to work on that ( almost impossible I know).
I am not sure if you know my story, but I recently had a m/c, but the miracle is that I got pregnant at 45, ( i just need to find a good egg).  I really believe that following TCOYF really helped me get a BFP .  I charted and watched my Cervical mucus very carefully as well as my cervical position.  I don't O when my cervical mucus is the most fertile so OPK sticks don't always help me, if I am reallying on them alone and bbt only confirms O.  I think cervical mucus is the key.  Anyway it's worth a read.
The book is called " taking charge of your fertility".
Good luck
by bree08, May 27, 2009
I am also dealing with male infertility. Unfortunately I don't have a success story yet, but I hope to be one soon. I understand your frustration and I know it's painful to go through this. I have read success stories with low counts and I actually have a few friends on this site whose DHs had low counts and got pregnant naturally. I've been through 2 IUIs and I'm on my third right now. I hope next week I can post another success story to give you hope! I also have heard of the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility and I've heard it's really good! I wish you the best of luck {{HUGS}}
by LisaRG, May 27, 2009
Hi again,
FYI - My DH does not "technically" have a low sperm count, but he does have a morphology(?) issue so timing intercourse is ultimately our best chance - give those swimmers all the help they can get.  You can also google preseed  and preconceive  they are lubricants that help sperm stay alive and swim.  It can be bought on the internet.
Stay positive.:)
by bny807, May 27, 2009
Hello! so sorry to hear about your struggles!  We are "hopefully" a success story with male factor (and lots of female factors - one ovary, severe endo, lufs, and pcos, recurrent mc's).  My dh has low morphology - only 2% normal.. We were told by his urologist that the only way we would get preg just with his issue was IVF with ICSI.. but my RE said he had seen it happen so we did IUI's with injectables, got pregnant several times but unfortunately miscarried.. and then a miracle happened! we were taking time off (i know i've heard the stories, but never thought it would happen to us!) and i got pregnant! it was my first month on asprin and folic acid (it was found i had a blood clotting disorder) we got pregnant all natural, which they told us was impossible! and we are 17 weeks with a girl, so miracles can always happen! :)   GOOD LUCK your in  my prayers!
by 40smama, May 28, 2009
I also read that wearing tight underwear (briefs) aren't good for those little swimmers.  Try having your partner wear boxers - I've read several articles about this issue - also don't bd every day; rather go every two days like you're doing.  Continue w/that & as bny said, you could have a miracle.  Google male infertility or low sperm count - you probably will come up w/more ideas about getting through this - best of luck to you - jen

Okay, now I had to do some research and came up w/a couple of articles that could possibly help:

www.healthscout.com/ency/68/690/main.html -
by 40smama, May 28, 2009
I found one more article -

www.drmalpani.com/book/chapter7.html  - you can google low sperm count and find lots more - good luck, jen
by bam1014, May 28, 2009
tinkerbell - I hate to see you so despondant :(

I'm sure you know by now, I am a huge proponent of TCOYF, but it seems as if you are following all her advice anyway.  My only suggestions are this, perhaps abstain for more then 2 days, up to 5, before BD.  Also I've done a lot of research on vitamin supplementation.  My DH was taking 1000mg of Vitamin C (good for motility) and 500mg of L-Carnitine and L-Argnitine (good for morphology).  I'm not 100% sure I got the spelling right, as I'm at work right now.  He also took a multi-vitamin and 800mg of Folic Acid.  He's really been slacking on it lately, so I finally compromised and he only takes the L-Argnitine and Folic Acid at the moment.

You can also try googling FertilAid for Men and Fertility Blend for Men.  I've read about them, but have never gone that route.  According to quite a few web sites there are lots of success stories.  And of course there is the pre-seed.

Have you thought any more about using the SoftCup?
by tinkerbell101, May 29, 2009
Thanks ladies - I will get searching for a copy of the book.

Thank you bny807 for sharing your wonderful story with me... it has given me some hope that miracles can happen. Congratulations on your pregnancy.... xx

I have also had a good look at the links very kindly suggested - It seems they ultimately all point to the same dead end IUI IVF ICSI which is not financially possible for us apart from the advice we are already adhering too... staying fit, stress free, not smoking, drinking, wearing tight underwear, having hot baths etc etc...

I am going to talk to my dr about the supplements vitamins and herbs as he seemed to think this was a waste of money??  I was taking the Fertilaid and FertilaidCM and when I mentioned it to the Dr he said it might make me feel better as it brings hormones into balance but thats about it??!?

Bam - I will try your advice of refraining for more days and yes I am a fan of the softcup - we use those, I have never gone down the route of actually depositing the semen in the cap and inserting it. I know what you mean about your DH slacking off on the supplements, I have that problem.... its so frustrating!! Shame they are not beer flavoured!
by bam1014, May 29, 2009
LOL - yes, if they were beer flavored, it would be less of a problem :)  He goes in streaks where he's really good at taking them and then he'll forget for a week.  I keep explaining to him that it takes 3 months for the sperm to fully develop and that he needs to be consistent!  Oh well, at least he makes an effort.

It was nunu's dr, that recommended they wait the 5 days before BD.  That's what I was trying for last cycle, when I went and O'd a day earlier then I expected!