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Unsure of Fertile Days
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Unsure of Fertile Days

I am new to trying to conceive.  I am unsure of my cycle length so have been using Ovulation Predictor Kits this last month.  The 1st day of my last menstrual period was Thurs 26th Aug.  I detected a LH surge at 3pm Weds 15th Sept (CDday 21)

The days I had intercourse were 9/11/13 and 16th September (2,4+6 days before the LH surge and 1 day after the surge.)

The day after I detected the surge I experienced dull cramps on the right side of my lower abdomen and tender nipples as well as a thick, white discharge.  I understand this to mean ovulation either has occurred or is occurring.

So my question is: have I done enough to conceive?  I realise it would have been ideal to have intercourse the day I detected the surge...

Was I still fertile on the 16th?  I understand that the surge detection could have been a number of hours after the actual surge.  What is the likelihood of sperm from the 13th still being alive and waiting for the egg?

Thank you in advance for your advice :o)
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Hi there,

I have been trying now for 19 months to get pregnant and been pregnant 2 time althouigh it was unsuccesfil and we lost our babies. I heard from so many friends different advise and they where all experts. to be honest. After seeing the fertality doc i saw i have come to release that everythign that everyone had lead me to believe was all misinformed. Any way its was not thier fault as they where just helping.
But this is what the doc told me.
Your first day of your cycle is the start of your p. (not spotting just heavy)
Then depending on the lengh of your cycle it is any time from day 11 - 17. Some woman ovulate closure on day 11 and some later like me on day 17.
Ovulation gives of systms which is a raw like discharge and is colourless. (sorry to go into too much detail) white is when you are getting closure and then after again.
Dont waste your money buying those ovualtion kits i spent thousands of rands to find out that they are not acuate and the ferality doc told me to not waste my time as they give fause postives.
Cramping is a sign so that is good.
If you started your p on the 26th of Aug. 14 days from then is 8th of September  so fertial period would have been from the 5th September - 11th septmebr. It is possible thoufh you are fertial but not likly.
Sperm can last up to 3 days n the cervix so i am told. Any ways i hope it helps and just keep faith. I have been pregnant 2th using this method although i had misccariage. Dont stress and worry it makes it worse. I would say if you not pregnant in a year then you should see your doctor.

I'm not sure how much I can help you but I am also trying to conceive (using Clomid)
The directions on my OPK box says when you get a Positive LH surge you should Ovulate within 12-48 hours.

Also I have heard that sperm can live up to 6 days inside you.

My situation is a bit different since I need the help of drugs.  I am on CD 7 and day 3 of clomid.  I would start using the OPK on CD 10 and have sex CD's 12,14,16,18,20,22 that's every other day, so there is always some sperm ready and waiting.

This is our first try!

I hope this help at least a little :)

Good Luck
You were definitely still fertile on the 16th- The LH surge happens 18-36 hours befor eyou actually ovulate. There is a good chance you could have created a miracle, good luck =)
Hi.  You could very well have caught the egg!  Best advice is to just keep babymaking every other day a few days before you detect your LH surge (don't get the digital OPKs, get the ones that show you the lines, as you are getting close to your LH surge, the lines get darker), and keep babymaking right through those LH surge hours/days.  I know it's a lot but if you try pin-pointing the exact days sometimes it can get very, very stressful.  We tried it that way this month (although I am on Clomid) and we are now waiting to see if it worked.

Hope it worked for you and if not, keep trying.  Best of luck to you!
I agree with the other ladies that you probably caught the window. My doctor told me that sperm generally only live about 24 hrs, although they can live for several days. He said there is about a 12 hr window for the egg to get fertilized once it releases. He recommends BDing 2x in the 24 hrs after the surge, or at least once every 24 hrs around the time of ovulation. Also, it takes some time for the sperm to swim up to the egg, up to 12 hrs I have heard.

It is good that you know that you ovulate on the late side. I do too, so the calendar method never worked for me. If you aren't sure if the opk's are working, charting temps is a great way to confirm when you ovulated (but doesn't tell you until after ov is over), and is very easy to do. Good luck!
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