Very High Progesterone Levels, Does this mean I am pregant?
by addie1717, Nov 08, 2006
Hi, I am new here but have a question I am dying for someone to answer...obviusly in my 2ww! :) This is my first month on clomid (100mg) and I went in for a progesterone test on day 21 and my level was at 45!!!  The nurse told me that was really high, but I'm sure she won't say much to get my hopes up!  Could this mean I am pregnant?  Has anyone had high levels and gotton BFN?  I am really praying for a BFP.  Any advise or answers are greatly appreciated!  Thanks
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by Pippsquike, Nov 08, 2006
do you know which day you ovulated?
Your question just got me thinking so I started looking around....

found this...not sure if it would help since everyones hormones are different...but it was kind of interesting since yours are so high... you will have to let me know how it turns out  :(

Progesterone during menstrual cycle

Day 1-14   >1 to 1.5 ng/ml

Day 15-28 2-28 ng/ml

Progesterone during pregnancy

First Trimester 9-47 ng/ml
Second Trimester  17-147 ng/ml
Third Trimester 55-200 ng/ml
by addie1717, Nov 09, 2006
Based on my monitor, I got a peak on day 17 so I either o'd on that day or day 18.  Do you think day 21 was so close to ovulation that it was so high, would it be that high before implantation???
by Pippsquike, Nov 09, 2006
Oh I doubt it. I think clomic also makes your body produce higher numbers of progesterone? You probably want to discuss that with your MD.
Good luck....sending baby dust your way

~baby dust~
by addie1717, Nov 09, 2006
doubt it?  that it was too close to ovulation or that it would be high before implantation?  I just called my dr. and asked more about it...she said usually they expect to see good(pregnant) results when they are that high) but she has seen it go both ways.  So we will wait and see...I will keep you updated.
by RuthiePee, Nov 10, 2006
Really hope the results are good for you!! Keeep us posted
Ruth xx
by MrsShatto, Sep 30, 2010
I know this post is super old, but in case anyone reads it and wants to know....high progesterone can very well mean you are pregnant! I had my progesterone level checked at 7dpo and it was 32.2 and I am in fact pregnant! Found out just 4 days later! :) Went in for my first hcg draw and it was 31 at 3 w 5 days. I went in for another hcg draw today and am hoping for high numbers! GL to everyone ttc! :)
by BeeHappy76, Sep 30, 2010
Congrats Mrs Shatto!

My experience is that progesterone levels really can go both ways, especially if it is a medicated cycle. I had a level of 106 on a clomid cycle and was not pregnant. I have also heard of women who had very low levels and did turn out to be pregnant.
by MrsShatto, Oct 04, 2010
Thanks BeeHappy76....I know you cant think too much into the numbers, especially on a medicated cycle (I was on Clomid). You are right it can go either way. I am just happy we are finally pg again!

P.S. I did get my follow up HCG levels and they went from 31 to 800!! In 2 days! Everyone is saying multiples, but I know you cant tell by the numbers. So we will just have to see when I get an u/s!!

Best of luck to you! :)
by Tryingforbaby2, Oct 07, 2010
I just wanted to add to this and let you all know that I had a progesterone test done and mine was 46 but still got a BFN. This is a good reason not to get your hopes up. You can ovulate or even double ovulate according to my dr to get these high numbers. I wish you all the best and hope you get better results.