can you get pregnant after getting your tubes tied and burned ?
by michmom03, Feb 07, 2007
I had my tubes tied and burned almost 3 years ago. Now I have missed almost two periods. I have the cramping, lower back aches, hot and cold spells, mood swings. Everything for a period but nothing is happening. Can I be pregnant ? Or do you have a idea on what is going on ? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. But I can't wait. i am going nuts waitting. Can you help me out on some answers ?
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by jenstam, Feb 07, 2007
A pregnancy test will tell you if you're pregnant. Have you done one?
by lilcountriegal, Feb 07, 2007
The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.

for some reason, they say that if you get your tubes tied during a C-section they tend to fail at a slightly higher rate.

since you only had your tubes tied less than 3 years ago, Id say chances of pregnancy are lower.  The longer its been, the better chance they come undone.  That said, I have a friend who had her tubes tied and got pregnant twice afterwards, however, they were "tubal" pregnancies... it all depends on the method and the expertise of the doctor doing the tubal.  

Again, Id say the chances are slim, but it's good you have a dr. appt tomorrow.  Here's a pretty informative "article" on tubals:

by zippgirls, Feb 07, 2007
I am just about to have my 2nd child and I am also having my tubes tied afterwards...what I was todl by several doc.( I wanted to talk to more then 1) was that nothing is 100% but it is 99.9% effective...1 in 400 women become prego after having this done.
Most of the time if you do end up getting prego it is a ectopic one and you have to have it ended :( For your safety.
A prego test should help you to find out what is going on. They told me if I ever though I was prego to get a test and call my doc. to double check.
Hope that helps some.
by Hulahut, Feb 07, 2007
Not from personal experience, but not one, but TWO of my employees have gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied.  Weird statistics....
by sheddybear, Feb 07, 2007
Actually the statistics are closer to 1/150 people get pregnant after tubal ligations.  Extremely high failure rate.  Most end up as ectopic pregnancies.
by michmom03, Feb 07, 2007
I toke 2 pregnancy tests and they both came back neg.
by sheddybear, Feb 07, 2007
Sorry it's 1/350
by apple_blossom, Feb 07, 2007
well, my aunt mary jo was one of those 350!
by mandymoo1983, Feb 07, 2007
how old are you could it be menopause sounds like those symptoms hot and cold flushes ect.goodluck