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ivf Poem

I read a beautiful poem once that was written the the baby concieved by ivf. Now I cant seem to find it. Does anyone know what im talking about
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The IVF Baby  Author: zandria
There once was a girl named Alyssa
She was made in a petri dish
Her parents were oh so happy
They finally had gotten their wish

It took six long years of trying
Futile sometimes it did seem
But with help from medical technology
They finally had gotten their dream

After ultrasounds and blood tests
And thirty-three self injections
The hormones all worked together
And made all the right connections

Eleven eggs were retrieved
Only ten mature for use
Nine accepted the sperm
Of those, how many would we lose?

After three long days of waiting
The big day finally came
Six little embryo’s remained
But only one was marked for fame

Two were put back in
That sunny winter’s day
And as we left for home
We knew we were on our way

The two week wait was long
Each day was hard to take
But as the line turned blue, we knew
A family we did make

Is this the poem you are looking for?
Best wishes,

1396867 tn?1433524301
I just wanted to say those a beautiful poem!!!!
1231062 tn?1309289656
no but it was beautiful. It was to the baby of ivf and how much they were wanted. Im still looking thaks for the help
1550634 tn?1296571628
What is IVF???
1152782 tn?1451105026
That's a beautiful poem.  

jaime242: if you find the other, I would love to hear it too!!
1458060 tn?1328011738
that was a beautiful poem....
Avatar f tn
really very beautiful poem...
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