pain after embryo transfer
by joyness, Mar 27, 2010
I had embryo transfer 4 days ago but I've been having pain in my lower abdomen the pain comes and go but there was a point that it was a bit too much I had to take paracetamol, is it normal to have pain after embryo transfer.
Thank you
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by amo123, Mar 29, 2010
yes very normal....i am doing my  2nd IVF and had 3 embryo transferred on 25-mar-2010. Pain till 27-mar...but now no pain
by Trixabel, Apr 01, 2010
I had a 3 day embryo transfer and suffered lower abdominal pain from day 1.
I have got to my 14th day and did a test this morning and got a BFP.
I am still getting the pain and my doctor has said that this is my uterus adjusting.

So be positive, as this was my 2nd IVF I have kept a very open mind and believed what will be will be.

Good luck to you.xx
by Mariana101, Apr 01, 2010
by mhvBlank, Apr 01, 2010
Trixabel~ AWESOME NEWS!! Congratulations on your BFP!!!!!!!!!  I'm hoping to be folling you soon! I test 4/9.  

joyness ~ I have kinda been feeling the same on and of since my transfer on 3/26.... now I'm hoping it's because of what Trixabel was experiencing!  : )

amo123~ Good Luck!!!  I hope We ALL get our BFP's!!
by lissy810, Apr 01, 2010
Pretty normal feelings.  I had AF like cramps for almost 10 days and I'm now 3 weeks PG!
by mhvBlank, Apr 01, 2010
ok, girls, Cramping has gotten a lot worse today.  I am 6dp3dt.  I seriously feel like if not for the prometrium, I would start AF any second!  
by mhvBlank, Apr 01, 2010
ok,weird....now they completely stopped.... hmmmm....don't know what to think about that.  Any ideas??

**********BABY DUST**********
by MyYuyin2005, Apr 01, 2010
I have been MIA for some time.  I got on to see if I saw any posting from you.  I wish you the best and I will pray for your BFP stay positive and try NOT to give too much thought to all the symptoms I know it’s easier said than done!  I will keep checking in on you till I see your BFP!  This WILL work for you deserve it and you will LOVE your bill belly!

babydust your way ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
by mhvBlank, Apr 01, 2010
OMG Girl!!  Where have you been??? I've been thinking about you sooo much! I hope everything is getting better, and that your moving towards trying again : )   thank you for thinking of me.  It really means A LOT!!!  The people on here are amazing, and I don't know what I would do without you laidies!  It's not hard to find a post from me! HA HA!  I have to keep sane somehow!!!
Anyway, I am on such an emotional rollarcoaster right now.  One minute I'm smiling convienced my FET worked, the next I'm on the verge of tears convienced it didn't.  I know the only comfort I will get either way is in the b/w.  I test next Friday the 9th... seems like a lifetime away.  My birthday is the 15th... and the only gift I'm asking for is a  A BFP!!!  I miss chatting with you and HOPE you check in more often!!!!

Thinking of you!
(((hugs my friend!)))