pregnacy and burnt tubes
by reemy, Sep 17, 2005
How possible is it to get pregnant after you've had your tubes burned?
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by courtneysharon, Sep 17, 2005
I got my tubes cut 3 months ago, I havent have sex since then, before I got tubes cut I was under birth control, now ever snce I got them cut I havent got my period at all, 3 months, is this possible,? Would my period stop for ever? will it come back? is this somehting to worried? can you give me a link if you know of any to look it up...Thanks I appreciate that. I'm 28 years old.
by Grandma Tammy, Sep 17, 2005
I had a tubal ligation in 1994.  I had a tubal pregnancy in 2002.  I did some research and found different percentage rates.  Some say 3 in 100 women will get pregnant after a tubal ligation. Most happen 7-10 years after the ligation. I've seen another site which said as high as 7 in 100.  My doctor told me that the procedures done before 1998 aren't reliable enough.

Courtney, have you had a pregnancy test?
by courtneysharon, Sep 18, 2005
Yes I took a pregnancy test, and a blood test. I'm not pregnant, My husband is in Iraq, so I wont be pregnant, and who knows if I will get pregant when he comes, since I just recently got operated pretty much. One thing I notice a lot is my stomach gets bloded but no period. Not that I really want my period to come back is that I'm a little concern weather is normal or not. I do have an appointment soon, an ultrasound to see if everything is alright, but till then I wonder.
by reemy, Sep 18, 2005
is having your tubes burned the same as tubal ligation? are the results of pregnacy the same?I'm 28 also and had my tubes burned in 2001 do you think theres a chance i could get pregnant in those 7 years?
by Grandma Tammy, Sep 18, 2005
Hi Reemy, there are different procedures to tubal ligations. Burning is one. I assumed mine were burnt but till this day I'm not sure.  When I had it done I was under the impression that they were 'tied, cut and burnt.'  When I had the tubal pregnancy, my GYN showed me pics he had taken during the surgery.  He showed a metal round band that was on my tube, this is where the pregnancy got stuck.  Apparently there was a hole big enough for sperm to get through but not for an egg to pass.  He upgraded my other tube by using staples, which causes part of the tube to die and fall off.  I don't know if it was burnt or not.  I have heard as long as you have a uterus, there is always a chance of getting pregnant.  No one can really say but seeing you had your procedure after 1998, you're most likely better off than those before 1998.  From what I have read, the tube tries to heal and sometimes can form a channel in which can lead to pregnancy.  You can find more info on the web.
by cinnamonheart, Sep 20, 2005
I know two people who have had their tubes done (not sure what procedure but have become pregnant in their mid forties)
My husband had a vasectomy and I had a baby 10 months ago So other than not having sex NOTHING is 100% reliable!!
I have now also had my tubes tied (not sure if their burnt)
And it best NOT happen again
BUt yes very possible!
by courtneysharon, Sep 22, 2005
to be operated,(tubes cut) Do you feel with less interested on sex? or More interested?
by dairygirl, Sep 26, 2005
I had my tubes tied no 2001 and I totally regret it now.  I was wondering can I still get pregant.  The doctor said he burned my tubes but I only requested that he tie them and he burnt them any ways.  Can I get pregnant with out having them reversed or not what are my chances?
by Mackaral, Oct 08, 2005
Your chances of getting pregnant is pretty slim, but it does happen.  I too got my tubes tied after my second child in 99 and have since regretted everyday of my life.  In order to get pregnant again, you must have your tubal reversed.  I checked out the cost of it and it is was not cheap, that is the only reason why I have not done so.