what to expect after ectopic??
by 5preg2B, Nov 14, 2006
I had surgery late saturday evening for an ectopic pregnancy..  This was my second m/c this year.  I don't know what to expect.  The dr took out my tube and pregnancy but I don't have any bleeding..  when will I start??  will I have severe cramping and how ling will it last??  I feel so alone as I write this.  I think it just hit me I lost another baby... the dr said I can try in three months..  I don't know if I can handle another loss..  This is the first I've cried since Saturday..  I expected to m/c as I was told I would..  so I thought I was prepared enough but how do I get through this...thanks for listening...
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by Tinye13, Nov 14, 2006
I am sorry for your loss. my best friend had an ectopic preg. that ruptured her tube about 6 or so years ago. She went off the pill the same time as i did this year (feb), her and her fiance got preg in July (around the time I m/c crazy huh?) Her preg is going well She is about 18 weeks preg now:) she didnt think she would be able to get preg easily. But she did. Just give your self time to rebound from this emotionally.

You know you can always count on us here.

by scaredincanada, Nov 14, 2006
I am sorry to hear of your loss. It is a definite hard thing to go thru, both physically and emotionally.
When I had my first ectopic in 2000, in which they removed my right tube as it was severely damaged, I was extremely bloated (tmi, but I would actualy fart as I walked down the hallway of the hospital, not funny then I can chuckle now finally), had extreme cramping for about a week or two, bled for a good 4 weeks post op, which included clots and a greyish matter.
Emotionally, I still haven't been able to get over it, as ironically as this sounds, but have also experienced a second tubal 6 years later to the exact month. I may be speaking on my own behalf, but I still feel that something is missing.
Physically, I was unable to have anything inserted into my area (including tampons) for a duration of 8-12 weeks post-op. And to refrain from work that entailed me to require lifting anything over 5 - 10 lbs for at least 6 weeks (I still rearranged my living room 4 days after I was released from the hospital. I need to keep busy)
In regards to this on the mental side, I found that if you can find a reason, any reason, to laugh or make someone else, in a sense it helps for you to recover, a bit. (That is why I include little notes in parenthesis, hoping you can once find your laugh).
I don't know if this answers your question, but I really hope that it helps. (PS. It gives a good reason for your man to REALLY take care of you, they best way he knows how, and THAT is important. Not being silly either)  ((HUGS)) and wish you all the best.
by Pippsquike, Nov 14, 2006
So sorry to hear how things turned out.
Don't have any insight on ectopics....I had a "presumed" one in August...and got Metho. shot.

give yourself time to heal... physically and emotionally, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
by justcurious2006, Nov 14, 2006
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I had eptopic 11 years ago and it 14 weeks before we found out. It was terrible, I had to have the tube removed as it had ruptured. I know how you feel, I know the feeling of being alone, trust me you are not alone in this. I didnt have any bleeding afterwards at all. I had some cramping and my cycle came back as normal within 2 months. I have since had two healthy prenancies and 1 other M/C I am currently pregnant with 3rd but only 5 weeks into it.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
by foxy1220, Nov 14, 2006
I fotgot to add that this was October 8th and I still haven't gotten af yet.
by foxy1220, Nov 14, 2006
Well I had my laparotomy, that removed the baby and my right tube on a sunday around midnight, I didn't start painless bleeding until the following Saturday.  However the next day (Sunday, one week after the surgery) I had excruciating pain, that came in contractions (It felt like the pain you have when you are having a miscarriage), and that was to expel some grey matter that I believe was the placenta, after it was expelled I stopped having pain within 10 minutes.  Then I continued bleeding for another 5 days, the last two days was only spotting.

Hope this helps.
by Mikeal'smom, Nov 15, 2006
Hi, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for what you have gone through.  I, too, just had a pregnancy loss to tubal, I also had to have the tube removed.  I can definately realte to not being prepared enough.  I was told that I would m/c, and I cried (this was my fourth loss) and when nothing happened a week later I called my doc back and he suggested a d&C- I spent another morning in tears, but after the d&C I felt it was finally over.  The day after the d&c my OB called to say that there was no products of conception in what was removed the day before, so I needed to have another blood test done and that the pregnancy was most likely in my tube.  The next day I had to go to the cancer ward of the local hospital and get the methotrexate shot, I spent that morning in tears- I could only think that instead of having a d&c to remove an non-viable pregnancy, I had to take a shot that would kill my baby that was in the wrong spot (even though I knew it never had a chance, you can't help but think it).  I ended up in the ER 2 days later, and 2 days after that I had the surgery to remove the pregnancy.  Honestly, I was just so glad to have it done and over with, I needed to heal.  I grieved my loss over and over again, it seemed never ending.  I just take it one day at a time, if I feel the need to cry- I do, if I feel angrey I let it come-but I don't let it consume me.  I have had 2 af's since my surgery, and have gotten the go ahead and try again.  I can honestly say that I am scared to death of seeing another positive pregnancy test, the thought of it makes me want to puke, but I can't help but hope that I will get to be a mother again- I just always wonder how many more losses I will have to endure.  I wish you the best of luck- and please know that I am thinking of you, and that you are not alone- (((((((((hugs))))))))
by 5preg2B, Nov 16, 2006
thanks to all of you for your support.  My husband and I decided to wait to make the decision about trying again.  He doesn't care we already have two together, one boy and one girl.  I feel and overwhelming need at 35 to have another baby.  now I have three 14,11, and almost 9.  yikes.  why???  I don't understand it and it doesn't make it any easier that i have the nursery all painted..  maybe the new year will bring better luck????