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CD3 levels & other tests
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CD3 levels & other tests

Hi Dr.  Quick back round, I am a mother of 3, & have had 3 miscarriages, of which 2 were in this past year,  (BTW, all conceived naturally & w/first times try's )@ 39 years old,  one was a blighted ovem @ 7 weeks & the other was a missed mc @ 10.5 weeks (died @ 9 wks) had good levels, strong HB & DnC came out normal.  My old RE feels that my traveling over 22 hours by plane between 5.5-7 weeks pregnant MAY have caused the embryo to NOT divide correctly, so the pg failed.  I know this is a theory debated by Dr's. BUT to me it makes perfect sense & honestly something i was worried about prior to going on our holiday.

Anyway, I switched RE's last month, mostly because my insurance, but so far happy I did. I did do 2 rounds of Gonal-F @ 150 for 6 & 7 nights, of which my ovary produced 3 & 2 mature follicles quickly ( I O early too) one cycle we did IUI & both cycles failed ;(  My progesterone levels on the CD21 b/w came back only at an 8 & the other cycle @ an 18, both times I was on vaginal supp.'s.  I only have 1 ovary/tube due to a stupid endo cyst that took over my life, had Lap done last Nov. & my left side is all gone now.
Last cycle I did no meds, except progesterone & my Preg. level came back great @ a 40.
So, my new RE is very proactive, is having me do the CCT & I had an HSG done today which showed all clear & looked good, my CD3 FSH came back @ a 10.1 & my E2 was 40.

SOOOO, question; since I only have one ovary, HOW much is my FSH effected by one ovary?  & what is "ideal" for E2?  I should mention again that NORMALLY I O between late CD 9-late - CD11, & have 26-28 CD's & VERY regular!

I go back on Wednesday for my CD10 b/w to see how I respond to the CCT, which I already know I respond well to fertility meds from the 2 cycles I recently did.
Also, I am getting that test where the RE puts iodine in my uterus & does an US to check for adhesions etc.

Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to give you a quick history! ;)
I am now 40 too! Thanks!
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Of course the other possibility for the cause of the second miscarriage was a chromosomal abnormality due to your (sorry) age.  After 35 this is MUCH more common.
Your FSH shouldn't be affected by your missing one ovary.  It will just reflect the health of the remaining one.  REs (as you are probably aware) like to see a CD FSH of 10 or less.  Estrogen should be less than 60.  It sounds like your chances are pretty decent if you continue to try.  DONT put it off though as your clock is definitely ticking.  Even the most aggressive REs can't do much after a woman reaches 43.  Whatever happens, don't forget those wonderful kids that you already have too!
Good luck!
Dr B
Thanks for your reply.  But about the last mc I had, the RE says that the baby was "normal", & that flying (radiation) was the reason that it did not survive.  He explained it to me like "lets say that this SAME egg was used when you were 30, & you were exposed to 22 hours of flying, the egg was young & more fresh.  @ 39 1/2 that SAME egg is older now, so even though it was "healthy" it did not survive the extra toxin exposures.
I know this subject is debating, but this same RE really discourages flying in the first 12 weeks, & his acupuncturist told me she see this all the time & she told me she could bet $ thats what happened.  In fact they have their patients wear a little lap thing to block SOME radiation to the pelvic area, if they MUST fly.  I thought that was interesting.  I obviously wasn't his patient at the time!
Who knows, but for now I'm not flying IF I get pg again!!!
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