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Fluctuating FSH - menopause at 36?
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Fluctuating FSH - menopause at 36?


I hope you can help me- this is my situation:

- December 2010: Noticed hot flushes which got worse and worse. Period arrived 29th Dec, at 2 weeks late
- Jan 2011- still getting hot flushes, no period
- 4th Feb- hot flushes subsiding but went to docs - bloods came back as FSH 76 LH 32
- 14th Feb- expert gynaecologist said it was menopause. Very slim chance of some ovarian activity over next few months and possible conception. Nothing he could do other than suggest donor eggs. He said DHEA wouldn't do any harm but wouldn't recommend when I asked about it.
- Rest of Feb- still no period, hot flushes gone though.
-1st March: started on 75mg DHEA daily
-4th March- bloods done again. Came back today as FSH 15.6 LH 17.
Today: Still no period since 29th December. I've been feeling a bit warm on and off the last couple of days but nothing like the hot flushes I was having before.

I'm 36 and have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. This has come as a complete shock and a blow as we were just starting to try for another baby.

I am hoping you can give me your thoughts on my situation. I am hoping that the low FSH means that I am in perimenopause rather than actual menopause, which I hope means that I have better chance of conceiving than the gynaecologist thought and may also mean I have a bit more time than he thought. I am continuing with the DHEA and we are working on the 48 hour rule for trying for a baby. I know the time since my last period isn't good but I'm still hoping we are in with a chance. Any thoughts or advice much appreciated.

Many thanks
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Unfortunately, the highest FSH value is usually the most prognostic one, and even so, for IVF to be successful, the REs like to see the value less than 10.  I don't mean to be overly pessimistic, and none of this means that you can't or won't conceive on your own.  It does suggest that you shouldn't waste lots of time and energy on the IVF rollercoaster unless you are willing to consider donor eggs.  Why not?  My usual advice is don't let a little DNA stand between you and motherhood!
In this day and age, we take too long to "grow up", and our biological clocks are way out of sync with our social timing/lives.  Once the dust settles, you may decide that you are blessed and satified with the two you have, or that you would consider donor eggs or even adoption.  Wonderful things can happen if you don't close your mind.
Good luck!
Dr B
I am new to this situation but thought I would share. I am 29. I have an 8 year old and a 3 year old. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 24 cycles. We were refered to a fertility doctor and three weeks ago went in for our follow up after a whole bunch of tests. He told me I have premature ovarian failure which in essence is very early menopause. My fsh was 26 and I have occasional night sweats. My period is still bang on regular however is often very very light. I have a low folical count as well. I go back on the 31st to talk about fertility treatments although he also said that donor eggs are about all he figures will work. My other option is homrone replacement therapy which I don't know a lot about. There are so many symptoms that I don't have and even the ones I do are still mild or small yet he is already diagnosing me done for. It sounds like you have a similar situation. Look up premature ovarian failure and see what it tells you about you. Good luck.
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