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Hi, we've been TTC for about 5-6 years. I was diagnosed with "Tubal Issues" at first. Then FSH started increasing, too soon for my age (28). DH has low morphology and motility. We've had 2 failed IVfs. First one resulted in negative pregnancy test after transfer of 2good quality blasts. 2nd one,,again 2 Grade A blasts, one attached and resulted in miscarriage at 8 weeks (no heartbeat).So RE suggested genetic testing, which i dont know they did not think of before the 2 failed IVFs. I was positive for MTHFR (i believe heterozygous) and was told to start a Rx prenatal vit with increased folic acid, plus 2 folic acid supplements, and asa81 mg. ANnnnnnnd if i was to become pregnant, i would be on lovenox inj.
I have read mixed reviews about this "disorder". My question is, does this really affect pregnancy?Are there studies correllating it with higher incidence of miscarriage? and do folic acids reallyy help?
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VERY good questions!
They are soo good, that it is difficult for me to answer them!
From what I can discern, the MTHFR is not terribly important if you are not a homozygote.  And also if you don't have elevated homocysteine levels, it seems that it is not too problematic.  I think that a huge percentage of the population is heterozygous for one of the MTHRF mutations.
There is some data suggesting that implantation rates are lower with IVF; and miscarriage rates are higher for women with MTHFR. So, it is one of the things that REs like to treat prophyllactically.
Biochemically speaking, the Folic acid theory is sound, and extra folic acid is unlikely to cause problems.  Aspirin at that dosage is unlikely to "hurt" either.
My concern ( because it happened to me ) is the combination of aspirin and lovenox can cause bleeding--my ears started to bleed!
I'm a heterozygote too!
So, proceed with caution and keep in touch with your RE if you have side effects!
Yes, some of this is witchcraft!
Good luck!
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Wow thank you so much! that was very helpful. Greatly appreciate it
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