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Sperm morphology and can it be improved
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Sperm morphology and can it be improved

my husband and i live in the uk and have been trying for our 2nd baby for over 2 years and have undergone fertility testing.
Our specialist gave us these results for my husbands sperm :
39 million - count
50% - motile
3% normal morphology (97% abnormal)

the specialist sais that there is only a small chance of us acheiving a pregnancy and IVF would be a good route.

unfortunatly the UK wont allow us to have IVF on the NHS so we have to pay for that if and when we can afford it.

My question is : What is the likleyhood of us acheiving a pregnancy naturally, given that we have had 1 before and is there any methods that might help my husband increase his normal morphology levels?

Many thanks
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my husband had 20 mil count, morphology at 1% and, slow speed... we used the icsi method with IVF 3 months ago and i just found out I am pregant today... soooo bottom line it works and it all worth it.. keep me posted with what you decide to do...
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Hi there, my husband had morphology, motility and forward progression issues. i have mild Endo. I was foolishly positive that IUI would work. We did 4 IUI's and all 4 failed. I started acupuncture and herbs for myself and a mixture of herbs, vitamins and supplements for my husband reccomended by my wonderful acupuncturist who is a renowned fertility expert. . We finally opted for IVF with ICSI ( the only option when you have male factor) and I just had my embryo transfer 3 days ago and am waiting. From my personal experience, the vitamins/minerals and wonderdrug Speman not only improved my husbands sperm quality but also his overall health. I's all natural and can only do good. Since these are natural supplements they take about 3 months to fully react ( we took 3 months off after the failed IUI's before the IVF and it was worth it). With severe male factor, I feel IVF with ICSI is the best way to go so you don't waste time and money on IUI's. Here is a list of the supplements he took:

Speman (produced by Himalaya) the only Ayurvedic supplement to actually improve the quality of semen and it's been getting wonderful results. 2 to 3 tablets a day.
I got all the herbs below from metagenics and natural pharmacies

CoQ10 natural Vitamin E supplement
pycnogenol pure encapsulations 100mg one daily
Zinc Orate 60 mg one daily
C- Ultratabs, natural vitamin C supplement

Hope this helps!
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i am 24 years old and dh is 39.
we both had tests done including a hsg, which all are fine for me.
my cycle is slightly irregular by 2 days (between 26 and 28 day cycle) but apart from that, i have no issues.
DH has the above issues and they didnt say if there was any strict criteria for mophology, so im not sure.
they have basically told us because we have a child together, they cannot help us and if we chose to go private to contact them.

I puts me into an emotional wreck where i just want to cry.
i cant see why you can have 2 children with your partner in bristol and be treated on nhs but in cornwall you cant have any children - this postcode lottery s so unfair.

since Dh and i cannot afford ivf and icsi we are gonn akeep trying with mulit-vits as advised and hope that one day we can have another child.
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