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can I take two 50 mg of Clomid per day
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can I take two 50 mg of Clomid per day


We've been TTC with no luck .I have some Clomids(50 mg) but I'd like to increase Clomid dosage to 100 mg.

Can I take two capsules per day (2 x 50 mg) ?I'm not sure if Clomid 100 mg is a single tablet.....

Or do I have to take one capsule (1 x 100 mg) per day?

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You can take Clomid 100mg.  Nino7 is on the right track though--make sure that you are treating the correct problem before you increase your dose, because increasing the dose increases the risk of complications with thin cervical mucus and thin endometrium.
If you are sure that you are not ovulating on 50mg ( OPK s are neg and progesterone levels are low ) then it is OK to increase. Some doctors would consider adding supplemental estrogen to your regimen, although most would probably not.

I think clomid only comes in 50mg tabs.

Good luck!
Dr B
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First of all I would like to wish you all the luck.
Before you take a clomid, have your husband took sperm analysis? if he is very low count/ or have 0 sperm or have low motility or any other problems; clomid will not help much. Did you do some chkups as will? do you OV? Did you chk your endo thickness?
Am ttc too, I have NO OV problems. I made ultrasound on day 12 and my egg usually between size 18 and 19 which mean by OV-day the size may reach 22 (my cycle is 30-day).  After not ttc to few months, I asked my husband to do Sperm analysis. He was very low 7m and low motility. We read that the laptop and hot tub kill the sperms. He stopped putting the laptop on his lap, and we stopped setting in hot tub. After 6 weeks the sperm went up to 23m, which consider normal but the motility was low.

The doctor suggested IUI, she gave me clomid 100mg (2 x50 x 5-day) from CD 2. I have 3 mature eggs. We were supposed to do the IUI on Thursday morning, but my husband can’t leave work. So we will try this month naturally.  
So I believe you can take 2 x 50
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thanks so much for the replies.

Nino7:I wonder why ur doc. gave u Clomid if the problem is low sperm in ur case...especially hig dosage of it....is it becasue when u have IUI ,so u would have more egss?

i did all the tests on the book..i also don't have O problems..but we may have qualtiy issues both of us being 35 yrs..so the reason why i need to take clomid is to produce healthies eggs...

we also did SA...his numbers are OK ..not too great...just passing the WHO values...

good luck in ur journey
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My DH Sperm's analysis not low is OK its 23m, but the motility is active 20% and sluggish is 25%.

The doc game me clomid to increase the chances to concieve (conceive) with IUI.I have 3 eggs now, and am worried now if we do the IUI, I end up pregnant with more that 1.. maybe 3 :SSSS
My husband needs to see an urologist; he said he will see one if no pregnancy after few tries.
Am 34yrs and my husband is 40yrs. I don't think the age is problem. I know people have baby when they are 39yrs.

How do you know that you have not quality eggs? Based on the size?
Good luck
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HI RED,I WOULD SAY THAT THE FERTILITY GREATLY DEPENDS ON YOUR HUSBAND.HAD HE CHECKED THE SPERM ANALYSIS.yes if it is ok.then if you feel like the problem is ovulation and weak eggs.then you may go on for a clomid.clomid comes as 50g.
but you may afford for a single medication rather than two capsules.
thank ya.
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hi Nino7:

My DH SA is as below:

specimen volume 1.9
SPERMATOZOA 1+            10
SPERMATOZOA 2+            0
SPERMATOZOA 3+            0
SPERMATOZA 4+             30

not too bad,but would've been better. that's true that the people have babies older than us..but some how I feel like the quality is not there after 35.My DH and I have healthy life styles..don't have anny major health issues..I don't know for sure that the quality is the issue in our case...I'm just guessing...the reason is that everything came back normal with my tests...so DH's SA  is OK too...then thinking what else could it be...I have two MCs so far...my doc. mentioned that nothing is common between MCs..we just got the bad egg/sperm for each time....so thats why I'm thinking the quality might be the issue due to our ages....

pls lemme know how you are doing in ur journey...baby dust....
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Hi redBlues,
My husband and I decide to try naturally this month. I took the trigger on Thursday. We were suppose to do IUI today, but we decide to try naturally this month.
I hope I get pregnant soon.  I never know that making a baby is that hard.  

82 million is very good.
My DH count is 23m/mm and Volume is 6.5 but as the motility is low, as I mentioned before.

Did you do IUI this month?
How can one tell what egg quality is?

My prayer to you and to us.

Will keep in touch,
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hi Nino7:

No we haven't done any fertilty treatments other than taking Clomid our own..we are not even being monitered yet while on Clomid....

i had asked my doc. if there is any way  that we can check how many egss i have and whether or not they are good.she said that at this point in medicine we can't determine these yet.....

personally,i would relate your egg quality with your eating habits,your life style etc....since we 've started TTCing,we 've been  on TTC diet,exercising regulary and taking prenatal vitamins,DHA supplements and Calcium suppl....these are the things that i can do on my side to increase my egg quality...

my prayer to  all of us too...and baby dust.....

Will keep in touch,
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Your doctor is right. You can’t tell how many eggs your body producing until day 10 of your cycle. I made ultrasound on CD 10 and CD12, and CD14 and that was when I took the trigger (because we were planning to do IUI). Note my cycle is every 30days, so my OV day usually around day 16. If your cycle is 28day, then your OV day may be around day14.

In what day of your cycle you are?

You can do ultrasound on CD12, if eggs are big enough, you may take the trigger.  
My friend and my cousin are very fat; both have 3 kids. I know many friends who smokes a lot and have no problems making babies.
My DH and I don’t smoke or drink. And I have perfect weight.

Good luck :)
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