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failed ivf cycle...now what
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failed ivf cycle...now what

Hello, here is a little info about me...
Me(30)- DH(36)-Unexplained infertility
TTC X4 years, we have done over 8 cycles of iui, last 5 have been with injectables (menopur/bravelle).
Ist IUI cycle with injectables-BFP(8/12), miscarriage at 5 weeks, two sacs on ultrasound. BFN for the other cycles
Ist IVF cycle started on 5/13.
6/18/12-HCG-6, told by nurse it looks like a chemical pregnancy
6/20/13-HCG-3, confirmed.
I have appt with  RE  next week but nurse has already told us that we will need to wait for two periods before we can do a FET cycle, has 7 frozen embryos, 3 are grade 1 (best grade). Do we need to wait for two cycles? Im very irregular if Im not on something. I asked if it would be ok to ocp's for two months in a row just to keep me regular but they said no. Ive done research online and found nothing that says it would be harmful to be on ocp's for two months prior to a medicated FET cycle. Do you have any advice on this. Also, I would like to get evaluated for causes of the 2 miscarriages, what tests should I ask for? Is there any harm in taking a baby aspirin while trying to get pregnant. Thanks in advance for responding!
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that I am in agreement that I don't understand why you can't use oral contraceptives prior to your next IVF cycle.
If you have not spoken with the doctor (have only spoken with the nurses) ask for a sit down consultation with the physician--I suspect you are paying significant sums of money and you deserve the time spent to fully answer your questions.
There is no harm in taking baby aspirin while trying to conceive and many doctors recommend it. (My RE did--although that was 7 years ago)
IF you are going to be using other anticoagulants though--such as heparin--it is prudent to be careful, and if your RE recommends against aspirin, you should follow his/her advice.
There are numerous tests that can be done for "recurrent miscarriage".
If you have already been through IVF you have probably had most of them done already--once again--ask your doctor.
The MOST common reason for miscarriage (90% or so) is an abnormality of the embryo(s).
You are very lucky to have so many high grade frozen embryos, and you have a very good chance for success!
I certainly wish you the best!
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Thank you for all your input, Im definitely going to ask my RE alot of questions at our next appt.
How would you define a chemical pregnancy?During my IVF cycle, I was given 10,000 units of novarel IM on June2,2103, they made me do a HPT the next am to make sure it was in my system and it was BFP. I had egg retrieval on June 4,2013, had egg transfer on 6/9/13. On 6/18/13-I did home pregnancy test it was positive, very faint line, HCG that day was 6, nurse called me and told me I was most likely having a chemical pregnancy, repeat HCG on 6/20/13-3. Did I really have a chemical pregnancy or could it have just been the novarel still left in my system?
I know Im lucky to have frozen embryos left over, but I dont really feel lucky since this has been such a long path filled with heartache and I see all my friends and family members getting pregnant on their own without any problems, my husband and I are still waiting for our good news one day soon.
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