perifimbrial adhesion
by nikdej, Feb 17, 2011

perifimbrial adhesion
good day, please i need a very fast answers on this question Last week i had an hsg test when the result came out it says the cervical canal and uterine outline are normal. The fallopian tubes are demonstrated bilaterally with perifimbrial contrast loculations. IMPRESSION NORMAL UTERUS. PERIFIMBRIAL ADHESION. Please what does this mean in a simple language do i still have hope of conceiving and what is the treatment? thanks
by Elaine Brown, MDBlank, Feb 18, 2011
You will need to discuss the results with your doctor of course.  If you were my patient, I would show you the films/pictures.  I am not sure, based on this report if there was any spill of the contrast into the peritoneal cavity.  It appears from the language that there are blockages of the tubes on both sides.  If I have interpreted this correctly, you will either need surgery to repair the tubes, or even better, IVF ( in vitro ) to become pregnant.
I would guess that at some point, there was an infection that blocked the tubes by causing them to scar shut.  Chlamydia is a common culprit in this type of case.
I hope I have answered your questions accurately.
Good luck!
Dr B
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by nikdej, Feb 28, 2011
Thanks so much doc but there was no was no spillage to the peritonel cavity and if i may ask does the hsg affect menstruation bcos im on my cycle but only seeing brown spotted bleeding.
by echoecho9er, Mar 01, 2011
I had an hsg done in mid Jan. My first cycle was 2 days late, but normal. BUT THEN my 2nd cycle after the HSG was Feb.12th 2 days early and I had 3 days of reg. blood, 4 straight days of brown blood which I NEVER get...my first thought is that this WAS due to the hsg. Im not a dr. but I think the hsg kinda blew out some old debris in my uterus and it was all expelled in my next cycle.  
by nikus76m, Jul 10, 2011
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