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sperm count
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sperm count

I had my sperm count test 5 times as i had IUI 5 times .
every time my sperm count was above 80 million with above 80 percent motility (before washing of sperm ) which i think was very good.

I had my 6th IUI today and was shocked to know that my sperm count is just 30 to 35 million with 50 percent motility
also i had white blood cells 6 hpf in my semen.

what could be the reason behind my sperm count to get low and will my sperm count increase again or not?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that many things can affect the sperm count.  Sperm take approximately 3 months to manufacture.  You may have had an illness three months ago that affected you, or spent some time in a hot tub.  Another possibility is that there could have been lab error.  I would recommend repeating the level--in at least 3 days.  We never make a diagnosis based upon one sperm count because they tend to fluctuate so much.  So, yes, your counts will probably return to your normal baseline.
Don't smoke cigarettes or marijuana, take a multivitamin with vitamin C and zinc and stay out of hot tubs.
Also, for your benefit--if IUI hasn't worked after 6 tries, it is probably time to consider an alternative such as IVF.
Good luck!
Dr B
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hello doctor,

i just had two more tests and my sperm count was 50 million with 50 % motility  and then 65 million also with 50 % motility and still  have 4 hpf pus cells in semen.
so it definitely increased but my motility has yet not increased much.
what could be the reason

also my doctor told me to do a test of FSH and TESTESTRONE
my FSH is 4.9

but TESTOSTRONE is just 103 and doctor told me its low
how can i increase it nd does low testosterone result in low sperm count.

my weight has increased by 20 kilos can it be the reason behind low testosterone?
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