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I have Fibro, Chronic pain, and Myofacial. My pains are terrible to the point most days it is difficult to get out of bed, it takes awhile. I get pains that wake me up (even with the sleeping pills) once up my body seems to be fighting me just to move. I am now having severe leg and arm cramps, the muscles are hard and hurt to the touch. Is anyone else having these, my Doc acts as if I might be making these up. SSI has refused my claims stating Fibro is not a disability. I am now waiting for a hearing ( It's been 18 months).My attorney says it takes longer in Washington than other states. Why is there not a standard time frame for SSI to settle claims the same in every state. My concern is the Doctors won't back me up, and I have seen a lot of them, and they agree that these pains are real. And the Doctors they set you up with should lose their license to practice.
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Qualifying conditions are very technical in terms granting disability , which in relevance to your case are classified in 2 groups of conditions.
Group A is the Blue Book Listings of conditions, that will automatically qualify an individual for SSID,in which Fibromyalgia in not listed.
Social Security has granted disability for fibromyalgia, but due to the nature of the disease, it is difficult to get benefits for it.

Group B  Social Security considers aspects of your condition medically equivalent to the criteria in the listing or a related listing.
This is called "equaling a disability listing".
Social Security will evaluate the applicant's symptoms and restrictions and assess how they limit the applicant's ability to work.

It is a tough situation to be in, but are you not dealing with the original doctor who diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia?
The diagnosing and treating doctor tends to be more supportive in such cases, I would think.
You may have to do some extra tests, which might help you make your case stronger.
One of them is a Blood Volume Test.
The Test is relatively simple, it measures the red cells in ml
against your body weight in Kg. The normal range is 25-30ml/Kg
A deficiency of over 15% should be a cause for further investigation.
It's like a person involved in a serious injury/aqccident losing let's say a pint of blood!
That constitutes an emergency situation, right?
Except this is a chronic condition that causes it.
It would be indicative of an underlying problem, possibly an undetected
pathogenic infectious condition linked to Fibromyalgia
For more details on this, please go to and do a medhelp search using the forum's search engine on the top of this page,
for Dr. Garth Nicolson.
He has been a contributor in the forum with his expertise in this field both in research and treatment.
The majority of cases of  fibro, up to 80%, are linked to underlying "undetectable mycoplasma pathogenic infections and co-infections".  
Unfortunately, Rheumies and Neuros are not familiar with this field of medicine, for various reasons that I won't get into now, unless they are

You may want to contact retired Professor Donald Scott, in Canada.
He's the publisher and editor of the journal of degenerative disease
and has acted as a consultant in the past for people with ME and FM,
in regards of getting disability claims approved.
He may be able to advise you on how to proceed with this matter, however,
I don't know if he's still actively engaged in this business,
but I know his passion for truth and justice will always be there!
And he's well connected with Dr. Garth Nicolson, who I mentioned earlier as he is an adjunct professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine  in California.
Donald Scott
President - The Common Cause
Medical Research Foundation
190 Mountain Street, Suite 405
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada P3B 4G2
Tel/fax: +1 (705) 670 0180

Hope this helps, however my comments and suggestions are not intended as a replacement for legal or medical advice.

Best wishes.
I was told Fibro is a disability but only for about last 10 -14 years or so.
As fR as I can tell seeing friends and family apply for disability for a variety of things it takes about 2 years from the first application to get it. I have not seen anyone receive it in less. It is very difficult with Fibro because there ate no definitive tests.  I was diagnosed about 20 years ago.  Believe me when I say Drs did not believe there was anything real about it then and it has not changed much. Recently a friend who is a Dr had to admit he didn't believe it was real until his wife was diagnosed and she is a Dr as well. Seems it's that way with a lot of ailments. Drs don't believe the severity of symptoms unless someone they know and trust get something. Or they get something themselves. I know my pain is pretty bad and the chronic fatigue is terrible. I hate feeling like this. I wish you luck but I would not count on it taking any less than 2 years. You have my sympathy I know what it's like.
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